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NEW, Walter
« on: Sunday 13 February 05 17:46 GMT (UK) »
Looking for a death, obit, burial record for Walter New (b: Aug. 1884) who was paralysed sometime after World War One.  He was employed South Eastern and Chatham Railway prior to WW1.  Walter was married to Mary Ann Elgar (b: 1883)  on the 29th of November 1902 at Brentford.  Walter died after 1930 and is last known addresses was Fairfield, Commercial Road, Totton Hampshire.
    Thank you for any help, suggestion, or information.  Thank you.
Dennis Kelly             e-mail addres removed to prevent spamming
Ottawa Ontario Canada
Genealogy - Kelly and Dubé Families
Royal Canadian Navy (Retired)
Descendants of William NEW

Produced by: Dennis Kelly, 488 Woodland Ave., Ottawa ON K2B 5E5, (613) 596-6181, e-mail address removed to prevent spamming
1-William NEW b. Abt 1820, Honslow, Middlesex, England
+Sarah b. Abt 1833, m. Abt 1860
2-Walter NEW b. Abt 1862, Lampton, Middlesex, England, d. After 1902
+Sarah b. Abt 1865, Isleworth, Middlesex, England, m. Abt 1883
3-Walter George NEW b. Abt 1885, Isleworth, Middlesex, England, d. After 1930
+Mary Ann ELGAR b. Abt 1884, Brentford, Middlesex, England, d. 1978, m. 29 Nov 1902, Brentford, Middlesex, England, par. Robert
4-George NEW b. Abt 1902, d. Bef 1997, England
4-Alice NEW b. Abt 1903, d. Bef 1997, England
4-Ted NEW b. Abt 1904, d. Bef 1997, England
4-Alex NEW b. Abt 1904, d. Bef 1997, England
4-Molly NEW b. Abt 1905, d. Bef 1997, England
4-Rose NEW b. Abt 1906, d. After 2003, England
4-Jesica NEW b. Abt 1907, d. Bef 1997, England
4-William NEW b. Abt 1908, d. Bef 1997, England
4-Leslie NEW b. Abt 1909, d. Abt 1997, England
4-Charles, Arthur NEW b. 8 May 1913, Honslow, London, England, d. 2 Jan 1947, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
+Marie Clara Irene MARTIN b. 19 Jul 1909, Sarsfield, Ontario, Canada, d. 28 Apr 2004, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, m. 1935, Toronto,
Ontario, Canada, par. Alfred MARTIN and Julie Claire DESJARDINS
5-Cecil NEW b. 21 Oct 1937, North Bay, Ontario, Canada
4-Martha NEW b. 1926, d. After May 2004
+Louis MAGOUIRK , m. 1941-1945, England
5-Lois MAGOUIRK b. Abt 1945, USA
3-William NEW b. Abt 1886, Isleworth, Middlesex, England
3-Edward NEW b. Abt 1888, Isleworth, Middlesex, England
3-Sara NEW b. Abt 1867
2-Louisa NEW b. Abt 1864, Lampton, Middlesex, England
2-Alfred NEW b. Abt 1866, Lampton, Middlesex, England

Descendants of Abraham ELGAR

1-Abraham ELGAR b. Abt 1827
+HARRIET , m. Abt 1845
2-Robert ELGAR b. 1847, Isleworth, Middlesex, England
+Hannah RICHEN , m. Sep 1868
3-Robert ELGAR b. Abt 1870, London, England, d. Bef 1881
3-Henry ELGAR b. Abt 1871, Iseworth, London, England, d. Bef 1881
3-Eliza ELGAR b. Abt 1873, Isleworth England
3-Abraham ELGAR b. Abt 1875, Isleworth England
3-Hannah ELGAR b. Abt 1877, Isleworth England
3-Sarah ELGAR b. Abt 1879, Isleworth England
3-Robert ELGAR b. Abt 1882, Isleworth, England
3-Mary Ann ELGAR b. Abt 1884, Brentford, Middlesex, England, d. 1978
3-Ada ELGAR b. Abt 1888, Brentford, Middlesex, England
3-Harry ELGAR b. Abt 1891, Brentford, Middlesex, England

Dennis Kelly             e-mail address removed to prevent spamming
Ottawa Ontario Canada
Genealogy - Kelly and Dubé Families
Royal Canadian Navy (Retired)

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