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Re: Wexford Town - connections
« Reply #9 on: Sunday 13 April 08 16:46 BST (UK) »
Father Gaul’s or  St Vincent’s Boys Club.
The official opening of this club took place in Selskar in 1939.
The premises were blessed by Fr Butler assisted by Fr O’Neill, director of the Legion of Mary and Fr Gaul the spiritual director and founder of the club. They referred to the purpose of the club as the physical well being of the boys of the town.
The boys were then entertained to tea catered by the ladies of the Legion of Mary. Games then included musical chairs and blind boxing.
The club was open two nights each week offering table tennis and rings. It was hoped to employ a gym instructor too. The club was for boys aged 14 upwards
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Re: Wexford Town - connections
« Reply #10 on: Monday 14 April 08 16:04 BST (UK) »
Hi Nicky

Not sure if there is more than one BERRY branch  :-\

All I know is information gleaned from the Memorial for the fallen of Wexford and Soldiers died in the Great War
 Thomas BERRY born c. 1876 of St. Mary's, Wexford, Co. Wexford.  killed in action 1914, served with The Royal Irish Regiment.

He married Margaret Birney c.1910 in either Co.Wexford or Co. Carlow   (haven't managed to find anything on Margaret yet)

His youngest son (my father in law) was born in Tullow, Co. Carlow in 1914 a couple of months before Thomas died.

Census information is Crown Copyright, from
BERRY-Wexford, Ireland>England
BERNEY- Tullowbeg, Co. Carlow
MUSTY- Oxfordshire>Wiltshire>India
HARNESS- EastRiding,Yorks. & Lincolnshire
LANE- India
HERCLIFF -East Riding, Yorks

RIP 2012

ABBAY/ABBEY Yorkshire to St.Petersburg Russia

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Re: Wexford Town - connections
« Reply #11 on: Tuesday 15 April 08 19:31 BST (UK) »
Some more Wexford names with addresses - in bad circumstances unfortunately:

"Wants a situation, as Kitchen and Dairy-maid, by a young woman, who perfectly understands her business, and can produce the best Testimonials as to character and competency. Address- Anty Kehoe, Cullenstown, Foulksmill, January 19, 1872

List of the Destitute Persons Relieved out of the Workhouse during half-year ended 29th September, 1871
Comprising the electoral divisions of Wexford:
Five shillings weekly
Jane Harris, Maudlintown
Mary Anne Furlong, Lambert's Lane
Anne Creen, John Street
George Kearns, Maudlintown
Richard Murphy, Bride Street
Four shillings each, weekly
Mary Sinnott, Furlong's Lane
Patrick Goff, Keyser's Lane
Mary Redmond, Patrick's Square
Thomas Moore, Gaffney's Lane
Three and Sixpense each, Weekly
Margaret Lynch, Paradise Row
Ellen Carty, Patrick's Square
Bridget Duggan, Francis Street
Ellen Mernagh, Black-cow Lane
Three shillings each, Weekly
Mary Quinn, Bride Street
Eliza Broadhurst, Allen Street
Mary Lacy, Carrigeen
John Kehoe, Barrack Street (dead)
Thomas Shannon, Distillary Road
Anty Carroll, New lane
Mary Murphy, John Street
Eliza Brien, Hill Street
Joseph Breen, John Street *
Philip Savage, John Street
Thomas Howard,
John Connors, John's Gate
Patrick Roche, Selskar *
Richard Sinnott, Duke Street *
John Connors, John Street *
Patrick Furlong, King Street
Nathaniel Hall, John Street
Stephen Furlong, Bride Street (dead)
John Kehoe, Selskar *
Catherine Byrne, Abbey Street
Joseph Gurley, Carrigeen
Two and sixpence each, Weekly
Mary Quirk, Main Street
Mary Murphy, Selskar
Mary Whelan, Maudlintown
Anty Roche, John's-gate Street
Michael Plunket, Clonard
Mary Scallan, Grogan's Road
Mary McMahon, Faythe
Daniel Murphy, John Street
Catherine Murphy, Cornmarket
John Murphy, Abbey Street *
Patrick Murphy, Barrek Street
John Rigley, John Street
Margaret Bartley, West gate
Mary Stafford, School Street
Catherine Gladwin, Bride Street
Thomas Doyle, Byrne's Lane *
Peter Costello, Bishopswater
Bridget Neill, Main Street *
Mary O'Connell, Faythe
Eliza Murphy, Faythe
David Connolly, School Street *
Bridget Holden, Cornmarket
William Byrne, Chapel Lane *
James Barry, Hill Street *
Catherine Neill, Clonard
John O'Brien, Abbey Street
Maurice Leary, Bride Street
Two shillings each, weekly
Mary Brien, Bride Street
Eliza Whitty, Faythe
Michael White, keyser's lane
Anne Kehoe, Maudlintown
Mary Sinnott, Mary's Lane
Anne Cosgrave, Faythe
Catherine Browne, Maudlintown
Mary Lowry, Duke Street
? Henrick, Ram Street
Catherine Furlong, John's-gate Street
?eress Connors, keyser's lane
John Furlong, John Street (dead)
Mary Byrne, Bride Street *
Benjamin Stacey, Keyser's lane
Mary Roche, Allen Street
Catherine Furlong, John's gate
Mary Moran, King Street
Margaret Flaherty, William Street
John Connors, School Street *
Edward Connors, Main Street
Mary Hanton, Selskar
One shilling and sixpence each, Weekly
Joseph Fitzgerald, John Street
Catherine French, Mary's Lane
Hannah Maddock, Selskar
Anne Byrne, Selskar
Mary parle, Faythe
Catherine Devereux, Faythe
Catherine Whelan, Faythe
Mary Redmond, Allen Street
Mary Rackard, Byrne's lane
Mary Armstrong, Back Street
Mary ormond, John Street
Mary Browne, Selskar
Sarah Hillard, Keyser's lane
Eliza Nowlan, Main Street
Mary McBride, Folly
Mary Codd, Bride Street
Mary Scallan, Bride Street
Michael Neill, Selskar
Catherine Cleary, Bride street
Catherine Roche, High Street (dead)
Mary Connock, Abbey Street (dead)
Mary Doyle, Selskar *
Thomas Meyler, New lane
Margaret Dempsey, Back Street
Mary Cullen, Barrack Street
Anty Kehoe, Mary Street
Mary Doyle, Selskar
Martha Dempsey, John Street
Catherine Devereux, Clonard
Dorah Devereux, Clonard
Anne Mahon, Back Street *
Mary Doran, Trimmer's Lane *
Nicholas Parle, Back Street *
Sarah Quirk, Grogan's Road
Edward Cullen, Byrne's Lane
Samuel Davidson, Cornmarket
One shilling each, Weekly
Catherine Butler, Cornmarket
Ellen Lacy,  Bride Street
Margaret Clarke, Selskar
Margaret Redmond, Ram Street
Margaret Donnolly, Francis Street
John Leacy, Abbey Street *
Catherine Daly, New lane
Mary Furlong, John Street *
Johanna Lacey, Abbey Street *
Mary Byrne, Faythe
Sally Kavanagh, Green Street
Alice Kenny, William Street
Alice Connors, Slippery-green

*Relief discontinued
Wexford Town Rossiter Sludds Ratigan Lowney Social History

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Re: Wexford Town - connections
« Reply #12 on: Saturday 26 April 08 09:20 BST (UK) »
Sorry for the late reply.
Thank you very much for posting this list. So few of the old papers have listings of the poor that this information is invaluable. I even think I might see a relative on there!
I see that this relief is half yearly. I suppose the list was published some time after 29th Sep?
Anyway, thanks once again.
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Re: Wexford Town - connections
« Reply #13 on: Saturday 26 April 08 09:55 BST (UK) »
Yes they were publised half-yearly.
For the non-townies here are some rural names from 1871 - more stuff soon if you guys find it interesting.

Peter and Mary Whelan, Crory
Michael Ronan, Saunderscourt
James Delaney, Ballyboggen
John Edwards, Garrycleary
Eliza Hughes, Crossabeg
Mary Sheil, Crossabeg
Catherine Byrne, Crory
Michael Devereux, Ballyboggen
Betty Wafer
Michael Doyle, Ballyboggen
Maud Leary, Ballyboggen
Michael Clowry, Pollsack
Mary Mernagh, Ballyhoo,
Margaret Wilde, Curracloe
Anne Leary, Curracloe
Catherine Murphy, Ardcolm
William Rossiter, Ballyhoo
Ellen Murphy, Ballaghablake
Mary Roche, Ballyna
Mary Crean, Castlebridge
Rebecca Redmond, Castlebridge
John Roche, castlebridge
James Byrne, Ballyna
Daniel Kirwan, Knottown
Mary Brennan, Galbally
Matthew Roche, Ardcaven
William Kirwan, Ardcaven
george Hatchell, Castlebridge
James Guilfoyle, Castlebridge
Eliza Redmend, castlebridge
Thomas Leary, Ardcolm
James Nowlan, Castlebridge
Catherine Shaw, Ballytramon
Patrick Sinnott, Ardcaven
Johann Whelan, Castlebridge
Thomas walsh, Davidstown
Catherine Mernagh, Bulgan
Catherine Brien, Barntown
Mary Hayden, Barntown
Bridget Brien, Barntown
Mary Furlong, Ardcandrisk
Catherine Neill, Coolcotts
Thomas Connors, Mountain
Martin Byrne, Mountain
Margaret Murphy, Kitestown
Catherine Murphy, Kitestown
Margaret McGrath, Kitestown
Mary Redmond, Kereight
Mary Cousins, Wexford
bridget Doyle, Carron Row
Andrew White, Redsheer
Mary Somers, Geneva
Johanna Nugent, Gurteenmanogue
Anty McGrath, Cornwall
Patrick Murphy, Ballinclay
Mary Anne Lambert, Ballinclay
William Goodison, Ballinclay
Bartle Roche, Coolcull
John Murphy, Taghmon
John Stamp, Taghmon
Thomas Shannon, Taghmon
Mary Kehoe, Coolcull
Anne Kehoe, Taghmon
Anne Cooper, Taghmon
Michael Hore, Taghmon
Mary Lamb, Mulmintra
Anne Culleton, Taghmon
Mary Roche, Taghmon
Daniel Kehoe, Taghmon
Margaret Francis, Taghmon
Bridget Cogley, Taghmon
Daniel Doyle, Garradreen
Mary Ronan, Coolstuff
Michael Wickham, King's Ford
Michael Carroll, Drinagh
Eliza Carroll, Drinagh
Ellen Breen, Rosetown
Anne Doyle, Drinagh
Joseph Wright, Crandonnell
Myles Sweeney, Holmestown
Mary Ryan, Faythe
Patrick Lannon, Faythe
Mary redmond, Selskar
Bridget Donnolly, Selskar
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Re: Wexford Town - connections
« Reply #14 on: Saturday 26 April 08 12:28 BST (UK) »
Thank you.
If only all posts could include such specific and useful info - we'd have our questions answered quicky.
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Re: Wexford Town - connections & tales
« Reply #15 on: Tuesday 20 May 08 18:38 BST (UK) »
News Bulletin - June 1937         Dateline: Castlebridge

Screen Winners 
Congratulations to four Screen gentlemen who shared a £100 prize in the Derby sweep. They were James Dempsey, John Sinnott, Patrick Furlong and John Browne.

Market Prices at Castlebridge:
Eggs 8d per dozen
Butter 9d to 1/= per pound
Newport coal £2 per ton
Flour 24/= for ten stone

Pensioner’s Hill Mishap
Mr. James Quirke of Ballyhubbock, Screen suffered a severe gash over the eye and had to be removed to the County Hospital. It appears that he and his brother plus a friend were descending Pensioner’s Hill near his home when the accident occurred.

Entertainment at Screen Hall:
 The combined forces of Screen and Castlebridge Dramatic Classes converged on Screen hall recently and provided a great night of entertainment.
Mr. S. O’Hennessey acted as stage manager and the performers were themselves entertained by members of the Screen Gaelic League.

Castlebridge Runaway
Mr. P. Murphy spotted a pony attached to a car bolting in Castlebridge recently and at considerable risk he rushed towards it grabbing the reins. A number of children in the vicinity were saved from possible injury.

Cottage Building
Foundations have been dug for a number of cottages in the district and materials are being brought to the various sites.

Two games were played in the junior grade recently at Ballyregan.
P.H. Pearse’s of Wexford took on Screen B while Erin’s Hope were up against Screen A.
Pearse’s beat Screen B by a margin of  6-3 to 4-2 with the locals well served by Messrs.  Murphy, Tobin and Connors.
In the other contest  Screen triumphed by a magnificent  8-3 to 2-0. LaRoche, Cosgrave, Cullen and Hearne were on top form for the home side. The matches were refereed by Castlebridge’s James Fogarty.
On a sadder note, James Murphy of Johnstown Lower suffered a broken collar bone when he collided with another player in the Screen B match. The unfortunate player had only just recovered from a head injury received in a previous match.

Reports compiled by Nicky Rossiter

Wexford Town Rossiter Sludds Ratigan Lowney Social History

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Re: Wexford Town - connections & tales
« Reply #16 on: Saturday 24 May 08 10:24 BST (UK) »
Any criminals among your ancestors?

The court cases are still magnets for readers of local and national newspapers perhaps because they give an insight into the lives and problems of people in different societies. A look at such cases over almost two centuries gives a similar portrait of Wexford and it's inhabitants.
April - The Wexford Herald reported that Peter and Michael Duffin were executed at Windmills Hill following their sentence at the last Assizes for highway robbery. (Note the proper name for the area)
July - The Wexford Herald reported only two capital offences, much less than usual.
Catherine Cullen and Elinor Kelly were charged with the murder of Cullen's infant. They claimed that the 'bastard child' had been stillborn. The jury decided they were guilty of 'secreting a birth', a crime which was on the increase and imprisoned them for 12 months.
Richard Hammond was sentenced to hang for horse stealing.
January - At the Quarter Sessions, Pat Doyle received a sentence of 6 months confinement for assault.
Miles Dillon was sentenced to 9 months, including the treadmill, for stealing 43 sheafs of barley.
John Byrne was to whipped privately and kept in solitary confinement for two calendar months for stealing ropes, according to The Wexford Independent.
Hannah Murphy, a woman of easy virtue, was charged with stealing a silk handkerchief, property of Margaret Byrne. Byrne stated that she met the defendant at the piazza (probably the Bullring) where she took the item. Next morning she identified the handkerchief in Mr. Tennant's pawn shop. No verdict was recorded in the newspaper but His Worship stated "If she was charged with public robbery she would be hanged."
The attention of the constabulary was called to the number of bull and mastiff dogs prowling streets, especially in John St. and Hill St.
March - The assizes court was very busy with two murders, two assaults, eleven robberies and three cases of cattle stealing. Sheep stealing accounted for one case, rape two cases and there were three cases of 'uttering base coin'. One person was charged with deserting a child, another with threatening to burn a house and there were three vagrancy charges.
Sentences handed down included transportation for life on conviction for manslaughter. Larceny earned seven years transportation while cow stealing meant 6 months in jail.
Forestalling was a practice on the increase in the suburbs. This was a system whereby over half of the potatoes coming into town were bought as they entered the suburbs by dealers and were then brought to the market and sold at exorbitant prices "to the detriment of labourers on 1/= a day". The Wexford Independent called on the authorities "to stop this practice as famine is already in parts of the country."
In the census of 1841, Wexford recorded 21 debtors, 27 lunatics, 208 convicts and 70 untried persons in the Gaol.
Inquests for the year showed 2 murders; 5 infanticides; 3 deaths from exposure. Of suicides recorded 2 hanged; 8 drowned; 4 stabbed and 5 were unspecified. In accidental deaths 78 had drowned and 13 were killed by animals. Sixteen prisoners were recorded as dying of fever, 13 male and 3 female.
There was new construction at Wexford Gaol. Built on the site were 72 new cells, a workroom, a new hospital room and a chapel.
A report states there were "7 large stalls under a shed, used to train inmates". There were 6 classes of male and 2 classes of female kept here plus a class of idiots amounting to 16 in that year.
The total number incarcerated during 1843 had been 595 including debtors.
May - Constable Power summoned Thomas Kelly of Cornmarket for being drunk and assaulting Michael Redmond. The defendant said that
"when he got a sup he went mad but he had now taken the pledge."
Daniel McDonald asked that two boys be admitted to the Industrial School as their father had died and they were always on the street. It was stated that the mother was unable to care for them. The judge refused the request stating that the Poorhouse was the place for them.
Nicholas Kinsella was charged with
"furious driving of a horse and cart laden with fowl at Cornmarket, causing people to flee for their lives on a public street."
He was fined 10/= and costs.
September - After a fracas in Taghmon, Callaghan, was brought to Wexford Jail for assaulting his wife with a hatchet. She was taken to the infirmary for treatment and their children admitted to the workhouse.
At the Petty Sessions Peter Cleary of Roches Terrace was fined 1/= for allowing his goat to wander in Bride Street.
May - A labourer from Byrne's Lane was charged at a special court in South Main Street, Barracks with desertion and failing to support his wife and children. He had been arrested in Liverpool and Constable Sloan had gone there to bring him back. After the hearing he was removed to Waterford Jail.
January - A number of pubs were prosecuted for having people on the premises after closing time. These were The Selskar, The Cape and the Imperial Hotel. Closing time on Saturdays was 9.30 p.m.

Wexford Town Rossiter Sludds Ratigan Lowney Social History

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Re: Wexford Town - connections & tales
« Reply #17 on: Saturday 24 May 08 11:24 BST (UK) »
Fascinating stuff Nick  ;)