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Cheesman family
« on: Wednesday 18 July 18 23:26 BST (UK) »
Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the Cheesman family of Brighton ? I believe one side had a Jewellers and one side had a Glass and China shop in North Rd. I believe one of them called William worked for the Kings in the early 1800's at the Brighton Pavilion.

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Re: Cheesman family
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 18 July 18 23:43 BST (UK) »
Hi and welcome to rootschat ;D

If they were trades people, maybe a good start would be via street directories, the you could look at the 1841 census
Leicestershire:Chamberlain, Dakin, Wilkinson, Moss, Cook, Welland, Dobson, Roper,Palfreman, Squires, Hames, Goddard, Topliss, Twells,Bacon.
Northamps:Sykes, Harris, Rice,Knowles.
Rutland:Clements, Dalby, Osbourne, Durance, Smith,Christian, Royce, Richardson,Oakham, Dewey,Newbold,Cox,Chamberlaine,Brow, Cooper, Bloodworth,Clarke
Durham/Yorks:Woodend, Watson,Parker, Dowser
Suffolk/Norfolk:Groom, Coleman, Kemp, Barnard, Alden,Blomfield,Smith,Howes,Knight,Kett,Fryston
Lincolnshire:Clements, Woodend

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Re: Cheesman family
« Reply #2 on: Thursday 19 July 18 02:12 BST (UK) »

I have Cheesemans/Cheesmans connections to Brighton tracing back to Berkshire on my other half's side of the tree.

It would be great if you could post some specifics to see if were are chasing the same family.

I have a few Williams but cant remember the specifics and I don't have my notes here to check, will have to get back to you.

From memory I think there were marriages to the surnames Woolford and Monger amongst others.

Hopefully were are looking at the same family


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Re: Cheesman family
« Reply #3 on: Thursday 19 July 18 06:11 BST (UK) »
Cheeseman - well known name in Cricket and Business circles in Euroa between the wars.
GILBERT-ShirehamptonEng-Vic/Australia,HERWEG-WoltwiescheGERmany-Vic/Aust,CREIGHTON-Donegal-NI,Gosforth/CumbriaEng-Vic/Aust,MCCLURE-Cloghroe/KillynureDonegal NI,Vic/Aust,PATULLO-StMadoesPerthshire-Vic/Aust,NICHOLAS-Nth CheritonEng/Vic Aust,COX-ShirehamptonEng,FORD-MidsomerNortonEng,THOMAS-Pilton/Devon,EDWARDS-Bristol/Eng,BOND-Norfolk,NAU-Germany,SINGLETON-MuncasterEng,LADLAY-GosforthEng,JOHNSTONE-BalmerinoFife, TEMPLE-StranorlarNI,GRAHAM,CRAIGIE,HALL,HANNAM,GINGELL,HALE,OSMAN,BRITTON,HARVEY,ALLEN

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Re: Cheesman family
« Reply #4 on: Thursday 19 July 18 07:14 BST (UK) »
The 1841 census has 31 Cheeseman people living in Sussex.
Plus a couple of Cheasman and 252 Cheesman ;D
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