Author Topic: How do I apply for a posthumous award for bravery from the French for my Dad?  (Read 575 times)

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How do I go about applying for a Posthumous French Bravery Award for my father? He was a French National - born & bred in France of a French mother and British father. Because of his activities against the occupying Germans in 1939, he joined the French Army as the only option to leave France, and was sent to North Africa. In 1943 the Allies defeated the Axis and French Nationals were instructed to join the Free French by De Gaulle. My father refused and cutting a long story short was flown into England, interviewed by the I.S.L.D and sent into training and then into occupied France. In late 1943 and 1944 he was in Rhone Alpes working with the Maquis / Resistance. I have documents from French Nationals with whom he worked, confirming this and also completed American SASX questionnaires from NARA which mention him as a "British Military Intelligence Officer identifying landing areas". 
I understand L'Honneur de la guerre was last awarded in 1947 and is not awarded posthumously.
Would appreciate some guidance.

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There is a duplicate thread running     

Posted to stop duplicated research.     

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