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Graves in Nottingham General Cemetery
« on: Monday 18 May 20 17:31 BST (UK) »
Hi, NG --

Thank you for your reply.  I had a response all typed out and lost it when I clicked on the verification option to "listen to the letters" below, so let me see if I can reassemble what I wrote...

I had information about the graves in Nottingham General Cemetery from a letter written by a cousin to my mother about ten years ago (the writer and recipient are now deceased).  My cousin indicated that he and two other researchers interested in the topic obtained information from the Nottingham Family History Society and the Nottingham Archives.  For your interest, and that of anyone else looking for information about these people, he summarized the findings this way:

Burials into Grave No. 15,440

1.  John Arthur Graham aged 3 months.  Died 16 October 1880, buried 20
October 1880.  Son of John Graham and Fanny his wife. (Note - I think,
repeat think, this was possibly the 'nick name' of Guiliama [also spelled Guillialina, and possibly also nicknamed Emily].  Her death
certificate will determine this).

2.  Florence Louisa Graham aged 7 months.  Died 14 September  1882, buried
18 September 1882.  Daughter of John Graham and Guiliama.

3.  John Graham aged 25 years.  Died 7 April 1885, buried 11 April 1885.

4.  John Isaac Meats aged 4 months.  Died 29 December 1889, buried 2 January
1890.  Son of Isaac Meats and his wife.

5.  Guiliama Meats aged 60 years.  Widow.   Died 25 December 1915, buried 28
December 1915.

Burials into Grave 9,249

1.  Jane Graham aged 60 years.  Died 6 Auguest 1889, buried 8 August 1889.
Wife of Samuel Graham.

2.  Jane Nixon aged 42 years.  Died 14 December 1903, buried 16 December
1903.  Wife of Harry Nixon.

3.  Arthur Nixon aged 17 Years.  Died 13 May 1909, buried 17 May 1909.  Son
of Harry Nixon and his wife Jane.

4.  Samuel Grayham (note the spelling)  aged 77 years.  Died 15 September
1911,  buried 18 September 1911.

From these burial details it appears Guiliama remarried after John's death
and she and her child were buried in her first husbands grave.   She
obviously kept in touch with her 'Father-in-Law' Samuel Graham.

Jane Nixon was obviously Samuel's daughter.

My goal is to make memorials for my Graham ancestors at Findagrave, and then to be able to link those pages with memorials for their descendants in the U.S.  I had hoped there were stones for these burials, but if not, then the record of their burials may have to suffice for proof that they're there. 

I only dip into this project occasionally, so I'm always a bit scattered when I try to recall what I knew, how I knew it, and where I put the documentation.  I should also note that the idea that the grave numbers were on the death certificates was my misunderstanding. 

With regards,
M D-Acq

P.S.  I've just noticed that you typed grave 15540 --a typo? -- it's 15440 (and 9249, which I didn't mention earlier) that I was following.

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Re: Graves in Nottingham General Cemetery
« Reply #1 on: Tuesday 19 May 20 07:27 BST (UK) »
Hi M.D,

Yes sorry was a typo with grave number.

I have doubled check my database for those graves and names and dates, sorry not on there so to assume there is no monuments.  As you have already got the burial details no good me looking at those at Nottingham Archives.   Sorry not to have been more help to you.

All the best and keep well.

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