Author Topic: Diary - Thursday 11th June  (Read 502 times)

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Re: Diary - Thursday 11th June
« Reply #9 on: Friday 12 June 20 23:38 BST (UK) »
Viktoria- your story about your husband when you were giving birth to your son made me have a good laugh... poor chap!
I do so love to read your entries as they are always so informative and brighten up the day... you're such a positive person like a breath of fresh air!

Pharma - glad you managed to sort your tv out and my goodness you know all about technology to be able to sort it out.... not sure I'd ever manage that!
Sorry to hear about your childminder and hope you are able to sort something out... your work should be a bit more understanding how different it is to manage at the moment...

Mowsehowse- sounds like a day of dodging the rain... nice you were able to not we woken by barking dogs that would drive me mad! One of our neighbours whomis deaf had a dog trained to alert her to noise... door bell, telephone etc... trouble was everytime a person or a car went past tge house the fog barked like mad... eventually the hearing aids she got worked well for her and tge dig even drove her mad!
Hope you got to see your ducklings today...

Erato... nice to see you contributing on this topic, and what a great trip you had to the supermarket if a little expensive! It's sad though isn't it that we can get excited about what used to be just a weekly occurrence and now seems special! Glad you got well stocked up and good of your nephew to oblige. How are things there, are you still restricted or is it easing a little...

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