Author Topic: Diary Friday 11th September  (Read 232 times)

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Diary Friday 11th September
« on: Saturday 12 September 20 00:38 BST (UK) »
Not a very successful day today.

Went for my walk late morning, it was windy but quite pleasant. My car was booked in for MOT at 1.30 so I needed to have something to eat before I went but wasn't hungry so just had some toast.

Took car to test centre and sat in the empty waiting room as the door was wide open to the fresh air. When the test was complete I was rather upset to find out that it had failed on several things . Came home and couldn't concentrate on anything, just faffed about on the computer.

My friend L phoned to ask if I'd seen the email from the art teacher, I hadn't. Unfortunately the classes can't currently be held in person so she will be conducting them via Zoom. Better than none at all but I really miss the social aspect of the normal classes. Also, because the online classes are not as popular as the normal ones, the morning and afternoon classes have been amalgamated into a morning class. Not great for me, particularly at this time of year and over the winter.

Spoke to a friend this evening who explained to me that the work needed on my car isn't the major job I thought and will do it for me. Felt a bit more settled after that, had been so upset and agitated. I have my talents but vehicle mechanics isn't one of them.

Going to get my hair done tomorrow, my hairdresser is a friend who works at home and I know from another friend that she is sticking strictly to the rules so I have no worries there .
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Re: Diary Friday 11th September
« Reply #1 on: Saturday 12 September 20 01:17 BST (UK) »
Oh dear sorry to hear your car failed but good to hear you've got someone to do it for you...
you have many talents, painting, gardening,so mechanics too might be a bit too much to expect!
Pity about your art classes, I know how you feel though as I miss my Yogalates too, teachers been trying to persuade me it's safe to return only four in the class, people I know, use own equipment, in one door out the other at least 6 mtrs distancing.... still not happy though!
Good luck with the hair appointment, does feel good to get it done... now 8 weeks since I went... not ready to go back yet thank you...

Woke early this morning, read the news... even more confused with latest rules as different in other parts of UK... why are they leaving it until Monday... so everyone can go on a bender and fall about the streets, party first... infectbeach other then impose restrictions... mad.. mad.. won't make any difference to us as we're just carrying on as before as we're doing now what they're just about to impose!
Up quite early.. or early for us make sure we've had breakfast and ready for storytime...
Youngest grandson sitting ready when we got Zoom up... gave him a choice of books... he wanted me to read which is fine... he was using daughters phone... kept slipping down as he was jiggling about and kept loosing the picture and had to get mummy,who was in a meeting, to sort it out! Ended up reading three books to him, then Dad appeared to whisk him off to the park... he's excited about starting in reception class on Monday bless him!
Got shown a picture of the card he'd made for his uncle in Oz and he'd written inside by himself... good lad and it was legible too...
Phoned a friend whose birthday it is today... she's missing not seeing her granddaughter as she's now at school, had a lovely chat they're not doing anything special... usually out to dinner, visit from their daughter etc... usual things but sadly not now!
Had a game of scrabble... think OH was keen to beat me as we're level at the moment... sadly he did! Would you believe the Q was second to last tile out he picked and there just happened to be a space so he got 31 points! No chance for me after that and I lost by about 29 points... the Q would have given me the win oh well never mind .. its only a game... no it's not it's war!
Daughter sent some pics through of her still life art class with youngest! She had piled up some fruit on a glass dish that's on a stand and both had painted it.... have to say his was very good! Making the most of time with him before school.
After a late lunch I thought I'd do some sewing... got a message from S to say she'd got rid of all the ones I'd given her on Monday...and how popular they were as everyone seemed to like the style I do... nothing like creeping to get more is there! ... she's a lovely person and I'm more than happy to help as I do enjoy it!
At gone 6pm this voice comes wafting up the stairs... were we eating dinner tonight or had I forgotten!.... no I'm just about finished for the day... not a meal he'd have started as it was fish!
Put a herb crust ontop, baked in the oven with mushroom, courgette, tomatoes , fennel and I took of the fish skin to crisp it up... not for me can't stand it but OH likes it... Friday so had couple glasses of wine...
Watched cricket... well I wasn't really watching busy messages going back and forth with S as we're in need of more thread, lining etc!
Caught up with Millionaire... chap won the million Ł, lovely man such a shame that because of distancing couldn't shake hands etc but he was brilliant...
Watched another couple of The Crown...
And so to bed to catch up on here and read...
Looks like the weather is going to be hot as from Sunday so more bbqs to come!

Hope others had a good day.

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Re: Diary Friday 11th September
« Reply #2 on: Saturday 12 September 20 02:30 BST (UK) »
Once again I woke up to mixture of cloud and sun - however, this time there was quite a stiff breeze.   Decided I would sit outside until my grocery order was delivered but because of the breeze it felt much cooler than of late.   During that time I chatted to 2 of my neighbours but as soon as my order was delivered thought I'd go back indoors.

After my endeavours in the car park decided I would have a relaxing day and did exactly that.   The most strenuous things I did all day were carry the bags of groceries upstairs and wash my hair!

Tomorrow afternoon my sister and I meeting friend G for afternoon tea at somewhere called The Shed, Sproughton (just outside Ipswich).  It's an Antiques centre with a tea room which is 1940's style.  Will be my first visit and is to celebrate G's birthday which was earlier in the week.

As Caroline says, our weather too is supposed to be warmer for most of next week so I'm looking forward to that.

Cheese and bacon potato skins tonight and a caramel 'pot of joy' for dessert.  Usual evening activities.

A friend and I have been invited by my sister for a roast dinner on Sunday so trips out both days of the weekend.

Night all.


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Re: Diary Friday 11th September
« Reply #3 on: Saturday 12 September 20 10:54 BST (UK) »
Well done all of you!
Had quite a bit of milk to use up so  had  hot milk after getting ready for bed,one last teeth clean and a good night’s sleep.
Must have rained heavily , big pools in the lane where nasty neighbour’s contractors with heavy plant have ruined the surface,
 Hope he gets it put right ,it is a short cut to school from a housing   
estate ,,the children’s shoes are filthy and feet probably wet too.
I see former pupils taking their children to school ,it is lovely .
I will give NN a plus point , he does get rid of any builder’s rubble quickly .
The work is done at weekends so a friends arrangement I imagine .
Except does he have any friends?
Some glorious gladioli still blooming, these survived the winds,a peachy orange with pinky centres and some with lemony centres.
Tesco delivery this evening,amended the list as Bolton where my son who does some shopping for me lives ,if there are any more restrictions I won’t
ask for shopping next week.
He is now awaiting the readings from the gadget he had in his oesophagus
 which could monitor the peristalsis ,how strong etc ,to try to get to the bottom( no, not that far!) of his disabling indigestion.
Must phone second son to see if little Ditsy has returned she is like milk chocolate with paws ,tail, ears dipped in dark chocolate .
A Burmese.
Named after Ord Wingates Chindits ,incredibly brave Native and  British guerrilla soldiers who fought in the jungles of Burma to prevent the Japanese
getting into India.
Kohima and other places .

We have secured a very good no tariff trade deal with Japan, whilst the EU are gunning for us?How times change !

My second son is Ditsy’s owner.
His interest in Military History started when he was six - seven and the 900
years anniversary of  The Battle of Hastings .
Did. A fantastic drawing of it ,with Harold on the floor with an arrow in his eye.I gave it to him when moving .Anything I thought they would treasure as I had done ,they got.aTeddies,toys,letters,cards,teeth,( except my daughter put all three children’s teeth in the same bottle with the puppy’s! )
If they could throw them away O.K ,but I could not.
Went on to work with Vickers /  MOD after Uni .
Well ,brightening up , sun block on ,and some  outside  work then bath ,hair
——- hair , whatever can I do with it?I look like I don’t know what!
I have decided this year I am not making a huge sickly rich fruit cake ,but a nice Dundee or Mary Berry’s  Victorian  Christmas cake .
No spices but apricots and  pineapple .
On the other hand if my daughter’s franchise is still open the team are marvellous and would like a big fruit cake to cut into.
I buy lots if toffees for them all at Christmas in a big tin, and I think of the big strong mechanics dipping into lollypops,  sweets, jelly babies , small baby bars of chocolate .etc.TV ad.

Wonder if their voices change” But we are the Police” ;D ;D ;D ;D
Have a good day folks ,a good night’s sleep and let’s hope and pray things improve, so at least families can see one another at Christmas.