Author Topic: A Pte in the Royal Artillery in PEI during the War of 1812, Thomas Bertram  (Read 34 times)

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I am a descendant of one Thomas Bertram, a protestant from somewhere in Ireland who was stationed and living in 'St. John's Isle', latter day Prince Edward Island, in the first decade of the 19th century when he was a Private in the Royal Artillery.  He had 5 children with a woman named Margaret whose surname varies between Morris and Morrison in the baptismal records at St. Paul's Anglican in Charlottetown, and the 5th child, my great great great grandfather John Bertram, was born in 1812.  (All five children were baptized by the interesting Theophilus DesBrisay, who had been captured by American privateers in the mid 1770s and who served as a chaplain on a man-of-war for 2 yr.s)  Thomas Bertram then had 2 more children with a Margaret Durpre or Dwyre, it's hard to make out the handwriting in the baptismal record.     Would anyone have any advice as to whether there might be records extant as to this Private and how I might avail myself of them?   I'm wondering of course where in Ireland he was from, where Margaret Morris or Morrison was from (and whether the name is Morris or Morisson), and anything else that I can learn about him.   I'm also curious as to the nature of his life and work at the time as he was in what is today Atlantic Canada throughout the course of the War of 1812.  What was the nature and extent of the Royal Artillery's involvement in that war, and what might have been the extent of his own?  I understand that Charlottetown was tiny in those days.  He was interred in 'the old Protestant burying ground' in Charlottetown but I assume his stone is illegible as I can't find any record of it.

If anyone can share any information or advice I'd be appreciative.

Thank you