Author Topic: Looking for M D lived near islington  (Read 101 times)

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Looking for M D lived near islington
« on: Thursday 18 February 21 13:17 GMT (UK) »
Hi Guys

I have a big mystery on my hands I have been helping a friend for many years trying to find her bio father. We are unsure if the information she has been given is actually true but I have been still searching. She was born in 1965 Peckham, London. Her maiden name is Mucklow. She was told her fathers name is M D and worked in construction in London possibly living near Islington area. He would be born around 1940's and believed to have had a son born around 1960's before meeting her mother. M never married her mother or her half brothers mother.

She has done her DNA test on Ancestry but im still no closer, The highest match on her fathers side  We will call them Bob to respect his identity, shares 127cm and they were born in 1951, London. I have shared matches with Bob one 64cm and two more who are 24cm. I have found the relationship between bob and the match that is 64cm they are 1st cousins x2 removed. And I have found the relationship with bob and one of the 24cm matches they are second cousins. I have built a family tree for bob with around 400 people in it and still can not find where my friend would fit in its very frustrating.

I would appreciate anyones help im struggling with understanding the cm's on the matches so even help with that would be great :)



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Looking for M D lived near islington
« Reply #1 on: Thursday 18 February 21 13:19 GMT (UK) »
If any of those people you have mentioned are likely to be still living you should remove their names from your post
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Looking for M D lived near islington
« Reply #2 on: Thursday 18 February 21 15:28 GMT (UK) »
Ordinarily I'd agree but there were over 100 M D born in England and Wales between 1930  and 1940 (he couldn't have been born much after 1940 but could have been born earlier) and he may well be dead. Someone working in construction in London could have been born anywhere.

This does mean that unless anyone recognises him from the vague details given, nobody can help with this one.
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