Author Topic: Robert Burrell/Jane Kears/Michael Diaell/Diel (Durham and Northumberland)  (Read 261 times)

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Hi folks.

I’m having a very frustrating time trying to find out more about my ancestor, Michael Diaell/Diel/Dial (a pitman born around 1770). Here’s what I know:

I’ve done numerous searches and am very confident that Michael was not directly related to Michael Dial of Fairs House, Longbenton, and his wife, Hannah (nee Moody).

Michael: On 7 October 1797 Michael married Jane Burrel(l) (nee Kears), who was relict of Robert Burrel(l), at All Saints Newcastle-upon-Tyne (page 281 of the Bishops’ Transcripts for All Saints). Their first son was Peter (my direct ancestor), born 5 July 1798 and baptised 21 October 1798 (page 306 of the Bishops’ Transcripts for All Saints). Their second son, James (born 23 April 1800; baptised 7 December 1800 at Jarrow) is recorded in Durham Records Online as the 11th child of Michael Diaell (Dial/Deal) and Jane Kears. My research shows that they had seven children by this marriage.

Jane: The best information I have from a family search is that Jane Kears married Robert Burrel(l) (pitman) on 25 April 1789 at Wallsend, but I can’t find anything after multiple searches of the Bishops’ Transcripts to confirm this. I’m assuming that Jane and Robert had children – possibly three - but cannot find any records.

Robert: There is a Robert Burrell who married Martha Watson on 8 November 1784 (Bishops’ Transcripts for Longbenton page 57). Margaret Burrell was baptised on 9 October 1785 and her parents are named as Robert and Martha Burrell of Shields Road (Bishops’ Transcripts for Longbenton page 61). On 6 June 1787 Martha’s funeral is recorded as Martha wife of Robert Burrell Shields Road (Bishops’ Transcripts for Longbenton page 69).

If my information is correct I am drawn to the possibility that this Robert Burrell could well be the same one who married Jane Kears in 1789, had children with her and died some time before 1797. Jane subsequently married Michael in 1797 and had more children. I’d like to find enough information to be able to either confirm or refute this possibility.

There are a lot of gaps here, and I could easily be wildly wrong. If there is anyone who can help me to find out more I’d be very grateful.

I hope I've been clear and not confusing.

Many thanks,

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