Author Topic: Trying to find my Grandfathers Death Cert - Thomas William Muldoon  (Read 197 times)

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Trying to find my Grandfathers Death Cert - Thomas William Muldoon
« on: Saturday 15 January 22 14:39 GMT (UK) »
Hi everyone

Hope you are all well on this lovely Saturday afternoon.

I've been researching my family tree for over 10 years now but I'm stuck with my paternal grandfather Thomas William Muldoon.

I've got his birth certificate from Ireland (July 1930, Co Sligo), his marriage certificate to my grandmother (Flora Shaw, 1951, Halifax, West Yorkshire) and his subsequent marriage to my aunt's mother (under the name William John Dwyer, age 5 years younger than he actually was, July 1973, Halifax West Yorkshire).

For the life in me I can't find his death certificate. From what I've been told he passed at some point after 1985 but no later than 1995. I remember my mum showing me a local paper article in the mid 1990's asking for anyone who knew him to get in touch with the Police as he was wanted for fraud. There were several different names listed - Thomas Muldoon, William Dwyer/Dyer and Bernard Dwyer from what I recall. I haven't really been able to get to my local library to look through the files to find the article due to COVID.

I've bought several death certificates for Thomas Muldoons and William Dwyers with no luck.

The only person who can assist is my aunt but she had a very fractious relationship with him and won't discuss him with me. She did tell me that he was living in the south of the UK and that when his body was found neither her or his sister claimed the body. I can only therefore assume he had a paupers burial. By this point my father was living under an assumed name too so I can only surmise that they couldn't locate him either to claim the body. My Dad passed away in 2000 but I'd not seem him since I was very small.

Is there any place I can check for pauper's burials or would I need to know the exact location of where he was found?

If any one can think of any other area to search for I would be grateful! I think a fresh pair of eyes may spot something I've missed.

Many thanks