Author Topic: Transfer of video.  (Read 208 times)

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Transfer of video.
« on: Wednesday 08 March 23 14:28 GMT (UK) »
I am using Pinnacle Studio 26 and a sx 740hs Cannon Camera.  I have tried to put the saved video on my camera onto Pinnacle 26 but I am only able to get the photographs.  How can I get the video's on to Pinnacle 26?  I am connecting the units by a lead.

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Re: Transfer of video.
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 08 March 23 16:09 GMT (UK) »
I have a much older Canon Powershot so this answer may not apply to your camera. On mine the still photos and  the video are stored in separate folders and in order to access and download the videos, you need first to select the appropriate directory. You don't mention what operating system you are using or how you connect your computer to the camera or memory card, so it isn't possible to describe the steps you need to follow to select the correct directory.

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Re: Transfer of video.
« Reply #2 on: Saturday 11 March 23 03:04 GMT (UK) »
Your Canon records in MP4 format and up to 4k in resolution and you should be able to get the software to load the video.

If you put the SD card which has video recorded on it in to your computer and open the Explorer or File Manager app and open up the SD card you will probably find that the video files are stored deep in a folder system.

The poor quality image shows the way to the folder named Stream where video files are stored.

If when you find the files your editing software still does not function then in Google type in Da Vinci Resolve, follow links and download the free editing app, its way better than Pinnacle btw, and start a project using this app.  I load and edit my 4k footage great with Resolve.

If you still have issues post again and Iíll respond, I have been editing video for 30 years so am well used to editing, video formats etc