Author Topic: American Revolutionary War Fort.  (Read 232 times)

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American Revolutionary War Fort.
« on: Monday 08 January 24 13:23 GMT (UK) »
I've just come across this round-up of a Revolutionary War fort discovered inside an old plantation house in West Virginia - and

"Basically an entire familyís belongings from the mid 19th century through 2016 were still in the house."

The finds from all periods that come out of the ground are amazing - the ancestors just filled any available hole with what was rubbish to them but treasures now.
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Re: American Revolutionary War Fort.
« Reply #1 on: Monday 08 January 24 17:54 GMT (UK) »
How interesting,thankyou.

I remember getting in to an old abandoned cottage ,it was still roofed but the back wall was open and built in to a hillside the bedroom floor was level with a path that ran alongside.
This was when I was a child.
The house had belonged to part of my paternal grand motherís family .
Inside was an old tin trunks with some clothing and a Bible with my Grandmotherís name in it but there were many women in that family with the same name.
I longed to take it ,she left Shropshire in 1895, to be a servant in Manchester
,this would be early 1950ís..
However it could have been another family memberís , but all strict Baptists so a Bible left behindó?.
I left it where it was ,it felt like stealing and stealing a Bible- no no no .

I would love to see what is in the discovery in West Virginia.

Shropshire Lass, the cottage I mention was up The Resting Hill near The Devilís Chair ,a family of my grandmotherís relatives lived there ,mentioned in books like ĎďOnce Upon A Hill ď
My husband and I searched for the ruins years later but with forty years plus gone by not much chance with bracken and gorse almost shoulder high.

One family member played Hymns on his trumpet which echoed right across from The Paddock to Vessons.

I would love to see what is found in what you mentioned in your post Shropshire Lass.