Author Topic: Frances Moss born abt 1823 London  (Read 3031 times)

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Re: Frances Moss born abt 1823 London
« Reply #36 on: Sunday 11 February 24 14:22 GMT (UK) »
I have followed the family in the Household Examination Books. If you would like anymore information on them, just ask, no problem.

This page shows Carl Johan Grönhaugen's last entry by the minister. He is recorded as being in an unknown place in 1851: - 2nd family from top on right page.


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Re: Frances Moss born abt 1823 London
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Thank you so much for finding that information.
Udall  Isle of Wight/Hants?Dorset
Streeton  Croxton Kerrial, Leicestershire
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Re: Frances Moss born abt 1823 London
« Reply #38 on: Tuesday 13 February 24 03:16 GMT (UK) »
Hi lin-james,
In the will of Frances HAMILTON (as previously noted) there is mention of "my brother Alfred Thomas MOSS."
and his New Zealand burial record in 1912 gives him a birth date of 1836.

A little background..
it looks as if the marriage mentioned earlier by Neale1961 was correct for the parents of Frances MOSS' family.
Charlotte was born in Shropshhire and it looks as if she used both Sarah and Charlotte as her fist name.

? Marriage 23 Oct 1827 Worcestershire
Jacob Moses and Charlotte Owen

The baptisms of her children so far found see her as Sarah.
The GRO birth records (after 1837)of some of her children I have seen give the maiden  surname OWEN.

MOSES, Sarah  mms OWEN  GRO Reference: 1840  S Quarter.  Saint George (in the east) Volume 02  Page 81

MOSES, Esther  mms OWEN 
GRO Reference: 1844  J Quarter in Saint George (In the East)  Volume 0

MOSES, Emily mms    OWEN 
GRO Reference: 1847  J Quarter in Saint George (In the East)  Volume 02  Page 100

MOSES, Deborah mms  OWEN 
GRO Reference: 1850  D Quarter in Stepney Volume 02  Page 564

It is possible that in early married life Charlotte/Sarah and Jacob were in Worcestershire, the place of their marriage and I found a man born there who could be the right Alfred Thomas MOSS.

Census 1861.
Alfred T. MOSS, born 1836 at Kidderminster, Worcestershire. His occ. is Mate, Merchant Service .
He is unmarried and visiting a group in Herfordshhire headed by George Wheeler.

Sarah MILNE (nee MOSS), the sister of Frances, married in 1870 in England, so was likely not in NZ till after that.

I searched to find when Alfred Thomas MOSS may have arrived in New Zealand.
But not successful.

However, I found this little advertisement which MAY be him in 1863.
Reading it, one has the impression of a newly arrived chap with cooking/kitchen experience.

Considering that, I wondered whether this is the correct Mrs F CHARLES upon arrival in NZ. 1865.

1865. Mrs F Charles thanks the captain to NZ.

The steamer Claude Hamilton was often crossing the Tasman.
Perhaps with her brother already in Christchurch,she decided to make a seperation from John Charles and depart NSW.

Anyhow, some things to think about.

Census information Crown Copyright, from