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[Northamptonshire] Bapt of William Dix/Dicks 1816/7 Northamptonshire by Pennie 7:30
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[Beginners - Post your first topic here] Police Inspector by AddictSE7 7:05
[Beginners - Post your first topic here] Old Newspapers - News of the World & Kilburn Times by dawnsh 7:03
[London and Middlesex] Charlotte by sillgen 7:03
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[Free Photo Restoration & Dating. ] WHAT IS UNIFORM? by Trishanne 6:58
[Ireland Resources] Priesthood in Ireland by KatelynHanna 6:56
[Deciphering & Recognition Help] Hotel name and Yard/Rd name please by kennyseddon 6:55
[Kent] Sir John Bunt, Lady Blunt and Bennett Memorial School by hanes teulu 6:54
[Beginners - Post your first topic here] MOVED: LAPFORD, DEVON, ENGLAND - Baptism's Look Up. by Manchester Rambler 6:45
[Beginners - Post your first topic here] Stuck tracing John Sheldrake by keyboard86 6:45
[Berkshire] Maiden name of Sarah KENT born 1835/6 Cookham by groom 6:44
[Beginners - Post your first topic here] james swindells born c.1807. by kiwigeoff 6:34
[Yorkshire (East Riding & York) Lookup Requests] John Martindale Whitby area early 1700s by scruffypup 6:30
[Lancashire Lookup Offers] WW1 Army records by CaroleW 6:26
[Lancashire Lookup Requests] Sampson family Cheetham by heywood 6:23
[How to Use RootsChat (Please don't post requests here)] Clara Smith of 63 Monmouth Road, Dagenham by CaroleW 6:15
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[Scotland - General] McFadzens by Br1gau 6:11
[Isle of Man] Thomas Hudson from Arbory Isle of Man by Blue70 6:11