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7:44 Cemetery near Doune (Perthshire) by tidybooks
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6:59 The 19th century Nottinghamshire tennis-playing Snooks (Nottinghamshire Lookup Requests) by spiffy
6:55 Clydebank 1946: Looking For Aunt Bella (Dunbartonshire) by skirl
6:52 Simon BARNES and Sarah Ann DEWSON (and various other spellings) (Glamorganshire) by CaroleW
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6:24 Margaret Smith death (Durham) by genjen
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6:04 Possible Huguenots? Pidoux (Europe) by Natasha32
6:00 SUMMERS Family in Fraserburgh (Aberdeenshire) by Susan Emerson
5:48 John Allington 1802-1880 Great Easton (Essex) by olleym
5:44 Location in Radwinter (Essex) by rebeccaclaire86
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