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10:32 Eli and Jimmy (United States of America) by Dannemois
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10:04 issues (Ireland) by hallmark
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10:00 Where is 'Gerddi' (Flintshire) by despair
9:59 How to retrieve toddler information? (South Africa) by SZE2016
9:58 Date Query Thomson, Deas or Turpies from the East of Fife. (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by Ellie_83
9:50 John Truswell Doughty mystery (US Lookup Requests) by Jayhen6
9:43 Marriage St james Sydney 1842 Thomas LEE Ann WAIT (Australia) by ~MERLIN~
9:39 Willson's of Antrim/Monaghan possibly (The Common Room) by aghadowey
9:38 kirkaldy marraige 1958 (Fife) by kitman64
9:37 James McCullagh (Family History Beginners Board) by aghadowey
9:34 Clive Lees Wood (England) by wilcoxon
9:32 Thomas Havelock 1763-1845 (Yorkshire (East Riding & York)) by emperar
9:30 Is my George Hood from Rhynd, please? (Perthshire) by buckhyne
9:27 Margaret McCloud marriage Chelsea 1795 (Family History Beginners Board) by Dave Wardle
9:27 Lyne family (Dorset Lookup Requests) by Archivist_47
9:26 Hillocks from Co. Armagh (Armagh) by aghadowey
9:23 Lancashire wills look-up (Lancashire Lookup Requests) by Blue70
9:23 Emmett family research (Berkshire Lookup Requests) by trish1120
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