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8:59 Looking for Ellen YATES pre 1861 (Census Lookup and Resource Requests) by bearkat
8:58 Ship owners - Sunderland & South Shields (Durham) by Cherielynn
8:58 alexander cameron glenstriven (Family History Beginners Board) by MonicaL
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8:49 belfast mcgonigal's 1865 (Family History Beginners Board) by chippybloke
8:43 Trevor Harrison (United States of America) by *Sandra*
8:27 Marriage of Michael West & Hanora O'Leary (Kerry) by hallmark
8:26 Neilson family in Paisley (Renfrewshire) by Rosinish
8:25 HAA RA (World War Two) by GusW
8:24 John Thomas Mulroy (Family History Beginners Board) by bevj
8:23 Welsh DNA links to Flemish invaders - Roche, but also Sinnott etc? (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by osprey
8:15 Vera Rose Pucknell b 8 Aug 1917 Witham, Essex (Canada Lookup Request) by *Sandra*
8:14 Will of Alexander Aylmer 1549 (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by francoso
8:10 Frederick T Munton of Over, Winsford (Cheshire) by Talacharn
8:04 Carrolls and McCarrolls - somewhere to start... (Tyrone) by jj.carroll
8:00 Exhumation to find a Will and any Legal Papers Rev. John Frederic Dawson (The Common Room) by BushInn1746
7:59 Thomas Billings and Elizabeth Tursell? (Northamptonshire) by mgeneas
7:56 Death Record for James BLANCH(E) Time Frame: 1797 to 1799 (Perthshire) by Rob van Haastert
7:52 Joseph Brzeski (World War One) by Oldleg
7:51 Identifying a 'Crest' (Family History Beginners Board) by Girl Guide
7:42 Searching for parentage of William Campbell and Robert Sutherland (Caithness) by RobertaRTD
7:41 Will of Thomas Aylmer 1500 (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by francoso
7:38 The suppositions we have of our ancestors. (The Common Room) by xinia
7:18 Air Ministry messengers? who are they? (Armed Forces) by MaxD
7:17 Questions re Gedmatch (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by familydar
7:08 Looking for answers (Family History Beginners Board) by avm228
7:08 National service Records? (Armed Forces) by MaxD
7:06 C.M.F. leave transit camp 71 Tibenham October 1945 (World War Two) by MaxD
7:05 Location please probably Cornwall (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by familydar
6:59 Flora Lindsay McManus. (Lanarkshire) by sancti
6:57 Abercynon New Cemetery (Glamorganshire) by MarMnkly
6:44 Searching for WW2 POW (Bedfordshire) by flying squirrel
6:39 Bridesmaid dresses in 1904 (The Common Room) by tillypeg
6:23 Analyzing British / Irish ancestors in a Native family (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by RedMystic
6:22 Mystery re Gartinardress House, nr Crossdoney: 1920-1924 (Cavan) by Keith Sherwood
6:16 David Thomson (Northumberland) by River Tyne Lass
6:15 40 +years finding William Aston Born 1839 (Warwickshire) by LaytonLily
5:57 Birthday Gift DNA Test - Help Choosing DNA Test (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by mgeneas