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9:30 A long shot! (Glamorganshire) by Deirdre784
9:27 An ATC cadet 'lifted along' with US Bomber squads in 1944. Help finding proof? (World War Two) by TreeDigger(Again)
9:27 Sarah Elizabeth Burrows, b 1887-1889; d 1953 (Travelling People) by MomsandPops
9:26 Smith Murray and Sinclair confusion (Banffshire) by Rosinish
9:25 Kenardingham Photograph dates from cars shown (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by Milliepede
9:21 McEwan family of Wallasey (Cheshire) by Jayson
9:18 What to do with my family history (FH Documents and Artefacts) by salt
9:18 BRASH in and near Abercorn (West Lothian (Linlithgowshire)) by Fordyce
9:12 The Volunteers (army) pre WW1, how do I find information? (Lancashire) by Redmoore
9:09 1891 Census (Family History Beginners Board) by Mike Morrell (NL)
9:08 Introduction....... (Family History Beginners Board) by RB58
8:59 Temple Bar Peebles--Brodie & Murray families (Scotland) by Scott Bell
8:58 George "Digger" Stanley- Boxer (Romany Gypsy Family) (London and Middlesex) by MomsandPops
8:50 How to find a cemetry (London and Middlesex) by dawnsh
8:47 Irish relatives from Roscommon (Family History Beginners Board) by Wendy Frances
8:47 Birth of Henry Hamilton, July 29, 1829, Drumards, Co. Tyrone (Tyrone) by Peggy13
8:46 John Pelly Galway and Dublin. (Galway) by Sinann
8:44 Gggrrrrrr!! Private Tree on Ancestry photos copied (Part 2) (The Common Room) by Maiden Stone
8:38 2 photos for restoration Catherine Fullerton and baby June (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by gisela
8:34 Sutton Cheney Church Swynfen monument? (Leicestershire) by xinia
8:34 bridge farm house ibstock (Leicestershire) by Danone
8:31 William Snadon and Janet Edie (Clackmannanshire) by DonM
8:31 James Gillespie - 344 Holmhead Rd, Glasgow, 1861 What Happened To Him ? (Lanarkshire) by Rosinish
8:20 James Caulfield, born Jan 18, 1788, Co Tyrone (Tyrone) by Peggy13
8:09 101st Regiment, 1872 (Armed Forces) by KGarrad
7:46 Possible Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry 4th Battalion Photos? 1939-40 (World War Two) by Rebecca Totten
7:44 What is an Indenture of fine? (The Common Room) by Bookbox
7:43 David Spowart and Grizel Simpson (Fife) by Bates51
7:27 Berkshire Will of 1560 (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by toby webb
7:19 Looking for age of this photo please family unknown (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by DrDude45
7:17 MacLauchlane (various spellings) McNab Township 1834 (Canada) by *Sandra*
7:15 Whatever happened to Herbert Pilkington and his sister Elsie? (Lancashire) by Aulus
7:09 deciphering school name (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by craggagh
7:05 Looking for Sarah Bull/Ball? (Leicestershire) by Annie65115
7:03 Parents of Robert Herd (Lincolnshire) by Del 80
7:03 Can you find Bugler Brown? (Armed Forces) by Annie65115
6:55 Richard and Elizabeth Dukes (London and Middlesex) by Jane190
6:34 Just received my DNA results from ancestry (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by Mart 'n' Al