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10:48 Delany / Delaney of Cork and Kerry (Ireland) by Gilby
10:43 1753 marriage at Mildenhall (Suffolk) by MacGrigor
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10:39 Clarence L H C Prier born 1914 (London & Middlesex Lookup Requests) by paulwilliams
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10:33 Harriet Whitney Hinks (1871- ) (Shropshire) by stesim58
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10:11 Colonel Grogan living at 29 Clare Street,Dublin 1841 (Dublin) by dathai
10:09 baptism of William DALE about 1757 possibly Stoney Stanton (Leicestershire) by Bunnygirl
10:08 James Barron m E Laird 28 August 1860 (Angus (Forfarshire)) by warwickb
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9:49 Re: Gardiner/Gardner from Maine (United States of America) by kieran257
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9:33 Elizabeth Whitney Brown, Wem (Shropshire) by stesim58
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