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8:06 O Meara help needed (Limerick) by ballydw
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7:48 Owen Doyle - RDF 1911 Census (World War One) by maxD
7:47 Burial Record - Elizabeth Routledge, wife of William Routledge of Trough (Cumberland Lookup Requests) by sirsimon
7:41 Royal Welch Fusiliers, 11th battalion. (World War One) by BRO64
7:37 finding birth mother (Family History Beginners Board) by [Ray]
7:35 Newbie (Family History Beginners Board) by rosie17
7:35 nicholas grey/gray and mary coe/coo (Durham Lookup Requests) by wilrob
7:32 Oxford Street, Penkhull, Stoke-on-Trent (Staffordshire) by Kay99
7:29 viewing certificates - or do you have to buy? (Family History Beginners Board) by MET128
7:25 James Oxford died in Neath area bet. Jul–Sep 1965 (Glamorganshire Lookup Requests) by Bookmark1
7:21 Turner Family (Durham) by judith54
7:19 Is it possible to identify a man by his photo? (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by Treetotal
7:17 Thomas Chalmers & Margaret Smith (West Lothian (Linlithgowshire)) by moo
7:16 AncestryDNA postage? (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by SpudKiwi
7:16 John Owen, B 1821 Chester (Cheshire Lookup Requests) by Brad2255
7:15 Fernand Joe Gerinroze (Europe) by WOoms
7:15 Old Hall (Cheshire) by maxD
7:09 Marriage look up at St Sepulchre, Northampton (Northamptonshire Lookup Requests) by grlune
7:06 Looking for as much information as possible- CLIFFORD (Ireland) by dathai
7:00 Suffolk Digests (Suffolk) by KGarrad
7:00 Descendants of the Late JANE CASSON HOOD of Selby / Brayton - Please contact me? (Yorkshire (West Riding)) by dobfarm
6:52 Lodging House, Beith. (Ayrshire) by Pliny
6:49 Sealy Family, County Cork, Ireland (Cork) by Criostoir1971
6:44 Joseph Carl Waldemar Siegfried KOTSCHOTE-LORKEWITSCH (Europe) by Rudolf H B
6:37 HODGKINSON OF HOGHTON (Lancashire Lookup Requests) by CaroleW
6:37 filling in the Gaps for Keziah Vaughan Roberts and Harry Dale (England) by philipsearching
6:33 Research on Deevy / Devoy of Kilmurry, Co. Laois. (Laois (Queens)) by hallmark