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Thanks again, This is how it looks at night, I wrote a short poem to go with your work:

 Nana heard the news.

My Nana rarely speaks these days,
But is content in her predictable ways, ornamental memories surround the fire place reminders of her younger days,
Wrapped around her like a comfortable shawl, are her Precious possessions, acquired over the years.,

Sat In her favourite chair, she remembers being young again, she sits alone with her memories, by the Parlour fire.
Sitting fondly on her lap and protecting it with all her love, Is an opened Taylors of Harrogate, Typhoo tea tin, her most precious photographs are kept safe within,
In her hand she holds a print, a cherished image from her past.
Nana sighs heavily, a print slips to the floor,

I retrieve the print, upon looking I see, my beautiful Nana young at 23,
Dressed in her Sunday finery, complete with veil and hat,
She link’s a tall handsome young chap, donned in smart suit, moustache and flat cap.

They pose in front of a beautifully designed glass building,
Exotic plants within, which stands near the entrance to our park,
Nana has stood alone in this same place, wistfully staring into space, many times over the years.
“I’m so sorry Nana” I say,
That building must hold many memories for you.
“Its strange” Nana said, as she shook her head, “Bert and me
 always thought it’s destruction would come from overhead in 1943”

Fingers crossed!! :)

Oh Boy, you folks have spoilt me again, these are brilliant, thank you so much to all, for all the painstaking work / efforts, I have more than I need here now, take a bow restorers. :-*

Kind Regards,


Yes, Treetotal very long time no see ;) Glad to see your are still doing your thing on the site, Thank you so much for your efforts.  :-*

Goldie61 Am loving the hint of colour, many, many thanks. ;D

Thank you for the date info, I just found out the original picture was actually a post card size, so only around 5x3 inches in old money.

Standing 10th from the left got to be Daniel Day Lewis time traveling. ::)

Hello to all,

I have brought you some tough stuff over the years, but this takes the biscuit, this picture is taken from a forum trying to save the conservatory as the council has earmarked it for demolition. It's 1907 built and a beautiful building with lots of memories with banana tree's and other exotic plant's only ever seen on Pathe news by local folk at that time, we have managed to get a temporary reprieve by the intervention of the Heritage Society. I know it's a tough ask, virtually no DPI to work with, BUT If possible can we clean and add a little colour.
As the conservatory was not opened until 1907, can anyone date this pic from the attire?

Many thanks for any efforts,

Kind Regards,


Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Re: Mum and Dad
« on: Sunday 17 May 15 14:23 BST (UK)  »
Wow :o :o :o You people are truly amazing at what you do, over and over again, year on year, thank you so much to all who contributed  (several times) between you all, you have given me the choice I wanted and more, so take a bow Caz, Carol, Carolyn, Tommy, Terry, Pat and Japeflakes, stars one and all, apologies if I missed anyone.

Thanks again! :-*

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Mum and Dad
« on: Monday 11 May 15 11:58 BST (UK)  »
Good day to all,

Very old pic of my late Mum, Dad and Aunty Mona, a clean up would be very much appreciated, should anyone wish to add a little colour or sepia, this would be most agreeable.  ;)

Many thanks in advance.

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