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World War One / Machine Gun Corps: record query
« on: Saturday 08 November 14 20:21 GMT (UK)  »

Found this medal record on Ancestry for Private Reginald Bert Colston GIBBS (45457) aka RCBC GIBBS, of Bristol, who was in the Machine Gun Corps. His service record was probably destroyed and I'm unable to identify any other information online using his service number. 

Just wondering if there's anything I can infer from the record shown that would assist me?

- e.g. are the pencil marks under the columns "Theatres of war in which served" abbreviations for locations
- is 2842.B. in the top right hand corner of any significance
- is there any significance that the remarks column is empty for his record

A few members have posted about the Absent Voters List - is one available for Bristol?

Thanks in advance for any assistance

Mod comment. Image removed as per Rootschat copyright policy

Have the gravestones in St Margaret of Antioch Church, Corsley, and Whitbourne Baptist Chapel ever been transcribed and are these available anywhere please?

Looking for gravestones of EYRES/EYERS/AYRES/AYERS or COLLINS in either place, during 18th or 19th century

thank you

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / 1802 Bermondsey parish register query
« on: Saturday 28 July 12 13:09 BST (UK)  »
Please can anyone help identify what the second column in this extract from the 1802 parish register of St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, refers to?

The column heading looks like "Bap." and underneath is a list of single digits.

thank you!

Wiltshire Will relating to Corsley continued

Parts of a Will dated 1841 are proving beyond my deciphering skills, so any help will be much appreciated.

I think most of the place names mentioned in it refer to CORSLEY, WILTSHIRE, and the surrounding area, although there is a reference to 'SYURA' (?) near WEYMOUTH in part 1.

Due to the size I will have to upload it in several parts; also I've deleted most of the names in it because I wasn't sure about uploading the complete Will, downloaded from the National Archives.

Happy to upload my attempts at deciphering the Will if it helps?

thank you!

update: unable to add any more to this post

if anyone has a copy of the CD "Ships and Seafarers of Atlantic Canada" please will you be kind enough to lookup any reference on it to Thomas BOYLAND born circa 1858, Devon, or let me know of a library where the CD is held?

thank you 

Gloucestershire / Bristol addresses past and present: useful website available!
« on: Tuesday 31 January 12 13:41 GMT (UK)  »
 I've been trying to locate addresses found on census returns for some ancestors who lived in Bristol and Bedminster in the 1800s .

Here's a useful link provided by the Record Office that can help to help locate addresses in Bristol, past & present:

It takes a couple of seconds to load but is then quite quick to locate addresses and it's fascinating to see on a map what the area looked like when they lived there.

Unfortunately it doesn't locate Rock Terrace, Bedminster, where one family lived for 30 years 
1861-1891, so if anyone knows whereabouts this was or has an associated photograph I'd love to hear from you, thanks!

The Common Room / Land dispute in CORSLEY: early 1800s
« on: Sunday 04 September 11 14:30 BST (UK)  »
(reposted from Wiltshire county forum)

Around 1828 an ancestor was involved in a land dispute with their parents concerning 8 acres of land in or around Corsley. I'm unsure if this was ever registered as a formal dispute but, if it was, any advice about how to research it will be much appreciated.

thank you

I found the dispute mentioned in a will from which the ancestor, who was an only child, was disinherited - allegedly for running away with the local groom/blacksmith - to Bristol. Incidentally, any suggestions how to find out how a groom/blacksmith born in London came to be living in the Corsley area in the early 1800s? I thought perhaps they'd been employed by Longleat House but have checked there and they can find no trace ...


Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / photo dating request
« on: Saturday 27 August 11 14:20 BST (UK)  »

any help dating this photo, or the age of the sitter, will be much appreciated, thank you.

Although it states 'Nan Harding' (a great grandmother) on the reverse of the photo, the relative who kindly provided it thinks it's possibly a photograph of the great grandmother's mother who was born September 1864 in BEDMINSTER, BRISTOL.

I don't have the original photo and the reprint I'm told is larger than the original (no size available) and doesn't show the name of the photographer who is:


Also missing on the reprint, but visible on the original, is a possible ' by appointment to' sign (no further details)

It's not clear if the photo was taken in INDIA but the potential ancestor married a sailor in 1883 in BEDMINSTER so could possibly have travelled with him? 

The only other thing I know is the original photo shows signs of being cut from a bigger picture.

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