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The Common Room / searching using find a will/gov uk
« on: Thursday 12 April 18 19:09 BST (UK)  »
What Am I doing wrong, thought I would check out some of my ancestors and see if they had written wills.
so after typing in several names and dates getting a big nothing, decided to try some names and dates of people who I actually have paper copies of their wills. They also came up with nothing!!

examples are Cecil Thomas Taylor died July 1980, (GRO ref Brighton 18 0200)
 or Matilda Taylor died July 1989 (GRO ref Sutton 15 299)

I have their wills but nothing comes up???

World War One / Dorothy Grainger
« on: Monday 18 December 17 12:15 GMT (UK)  »
Hi There I am putting on an exhibition next year concerning a local photographer to our village. Dorothy Grainger, died 30 years ago but she got married in 1922. I know  from the BMD records which wedding I am interested in, but can anyone tell me if that certificate is available online anywhere please:

Jun qtr 1922 Sudbury Dorothy Issatt to Alfred Grainger.  (I think it might be St Peters Church but do not know for sure)
I would like to include a copy of the certificate with her handwriting on, not just a modern typed one.

Census and Resource Discussion / 1939 register changes
« on: Wednesday 19 October 16 20:50 BST (UK)  »
I noticed today when I was revisiting some pages in the 1939 that the 'family size' has effectively been changed!

When the register was first released, I downloaded various pages relevant to my family and the transcription would say (eg) Smith Household (5 people) three of whom had the message 'Sorry, this record is officially closed. Check if you can open a closed record'.  Great, I knew the name of those children from other sources.  Now the same household is declared as (2 people) with no mention of closed records until one visits the actual page.

Has anyone else noticed the change and what do you think of it?

The Common Room / 1901 census - what does 'Art 50' or 'Art 68' mean?
« on: Monday 22 August 16 13:50 BST (UK)  »
I am looking at past school teachers in Burwell village and have found student teachers/pupil teachers/ certified teachers/ school masters and mistresses and the list goes on.  However two have been described with the qualifiers above and I do not know what it means can anyone help please.

Florence M   Mason -Daughter-Single -Female   -29-1872   Infant School Teacher (Art 68)   Burwell,

Ernest Webb -Son -Single -Male -24 -1877   Assistant School Master Art 50   Burwell,

Technical Help / FindMyPast Unavailable - help please
« on: Wednesday 16 March 16 20:43 GMT (UK)  »
is anything wrong with FindMyPast tonight, I can't get into anything at the moment - it keeps telling me what I am searching for is unavailable or thinking and then nothing happens?

The Common Room / Death Duty Registers
« on: Monday 18 January 16 13:34 GMT (UK)  »
I have just found on FindMyPast the transcription to a death duty register that I am sure is my family.
the reference is: Index to Death Duty Registers 1796-1903 IR27/26
Thos   French of WICKHAMBROOKE, Suffolk d 1817
Court   Canterbury Prerogative Court

so my question is, having looked at the image and found it in December 1817, vol 2 folio 569,
where do I go to get more details?
last time I looked at wills I walked into Somerset House, but shows my age.

The Common Room / Any discount on findmypast subcrition?
« on: Friday 11 September 15 09:54 BST (UK)  »
This time last year someone came up with a code that saved me some money on my renewal.

 Does anyone know of an active discount code for findmypast?

 I am due to renew early October.

Essex / marriage John H Crane to Florence E Neville
« on: Monday 20 April 15 12:00 BST (UK)  »
I have a GRO reference for this of 2nd Quarter 1916 Epping 4a 917 and have trawled through the online parish registers on SEAX.

Following the alphabetical list of parishes, Theydon Garnon has a wedding in the same quarter with the reference 913, so which parish would have my wedding?

(in 1916, Waltham Holy Cross was in Edmonton and Willingale Doe/Spain in Ongar)

World War One / how to find a wife
« on: Tuesday 14 April 15 22:11 BST (UK)  »
I have just downloaded the soldiers final effects from Ancestry for my great uncle John Henry Crane (no 9162) who served with the Royal Munster Fusiliers and was killed on 22.9.1916.

Imagine my surprise when his effects were left to a wife Florence Emma, who none of our family knew of.

In the 1911 census he was single and I cannot find a record of his marriage. 

Can anyone help me please.

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