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emigration costs
« on: Monday 06 December 04 22:56 GMT (UK) »

My Father emigrated from Belfast  to Canada in 1929.
He came aboard the ANDANIA (Cunard).
On his emigration papers is stamped:
Would anyone know what the cost would have been?
I have contacted Cunard, Can. Government, British Government, Ellis Island, etc, and no one seems to know.


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Re: emigration costs
« Reply #1 on: Monday 06 December 04 23:57 GMT (UK) »
The cost was normally £10. At various times it had been free and since 1818 there had been many organisations in the British Isles who subsidized fares and loaned money for fares. A large amount of information about emigration to Canada is on this URL:
Southern or Southan [Hereford , Monmouthshire & Glos], Jenkins, Meredith and Morgan [Monmouthshire and Glos.], Murrill, Damary, Damry, Ray, Lawrence [all Middx. & London], Nethway from Kenn or Yatton. Also Riley and Lyons in South Africa and Riley from St. Helena.
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Re: emigration costs
« Reply #2 on: Tuesday 07 December 04 00:06 GMT (UK) »
Perhaps you have already tried this, but the Cunard Archives are held at the University of Liverpool.  Not sure how helpful that would be but ...

This gives a fare structure from a slightly earlier time which might give an idea:

Good luck

Census information is Crown Copyright

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Re: emigration costs
« Reply #3 on: Saturday 01 January 05 22:16 GMT (UK) »
Hi Jonathan,

Thanks very much


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Re: emigration costs
« Reply #4 on: Monday 21 February 05 05:38 GMT (UK) »
Hi Santana,

My Grandfather, his parents and 7 of his siblings emigrated to Canada in 1928 from Belfast.  One of my Mum's cousin's has the actual ticket that her father used to come over on the Whitestar the time the cost was $84.50 travel 3rd class....I have been fortunate enough to find all the entries pertaining to my family with the exception of my grt grandfather, believe he came over just prior to 1925....and have got photocopies of all of the ship entries...
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Re: emigration costs
« Reply #5 on: Monday 21 February 05 13:42 GMT (UK) »
A question for Hack,
Hi Hack, glad to see you were still on the board today and hope this means you will be continueing your good work.
I noticed this page and thought I would ask if you knew the answer to a similar question.
My grdparents were both Canadian Home Children sent to Canada via Dr. Barnardos Institute, I was wondering who paid for those trips for the children, the Canadian Govt., the U.K. Govt. or the Institute itself.  I have queried the Dr. B. Inst. but they dont seem to want to answer or they are too busy to answer.
Regardless maybe you have the answer or know where one may find it in the U.K. Govt. files.
Thanks for your help.
Surnames I am Interested in:
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