Author Topic: Information from Canada?  (Read 3548 times)

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Information from Canada?
« on: Sunday 27 February 05 22:53 GMT (UK) »
I have basic online immigration information from the National Archives of Canada( for Cornelius Hupton.  I would like hard copies of full immigration records.  The thing is I don't know how easy this would be and they are only available from Canada.  Additionally I would like to know the (approx.) cost of such a venture. 

Has anybody any additional information or experience they are willing to share?  Any help would be most appreciated!

Also I would like similar information about death certificates which are also only available from Canada.

Thanks.  Carole :)

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Re: Information from Canada?
« Reply #1 on: Monday 28 February 05 00:22 GMT (UK) »
Hi Carol,
Have you tried e-mailing or writing to Archives Canada?
Surely they would answer your questions.
Birth certs are a provincial matter and you would have to contact the provincial archives where your relative lived.
Canadian BMD certs cost about the same as UK ones, as long as no searching is necessary.
Census information is Crown Copyright, from

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Re: Information from Canada?
« Reply #2 on: Monday 28 February 05 06:54 GMT (UK) »
I assume what you're looking for is a hardcopy from the microfilm reel that contains the immigration record indexed by the database entry. Your relative came to Canada 1929, right? From what I see in the database the info you want is on reel T-14759.

If you can't visit the archives, the microfilm reels that contain this information should be available from the archives through inter-library loan. Apparently, the Archives will loan microfilm to participating libraries and archives outside of Canada. Don't know much about this - you'd have to look into it.

Another source would be an LDS Family History Center. I did a quick search of their catalog and they do hold a copy of the reel you're looking for.

You could also hire a freelance researcher to obtain a copy of the page from the list for you. There are a list of researchers on the Archives site.

If you know anyone in the Toronto area, copies of all microfilmed ship passenger lists held by the archives in Ottawa are also held by the Toronto Public Library on the 6th floor of North York Central. I'm guessing there are a few other places in Canada that have copies also.

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Re: Information from Canada?
« Reply #3 on: Monday 28 February 05 23:10 GMT (UK) »
Many thanks to everyone who replied to my post I have now acted on your advice.  I am hoping for a positive response.

Again many thanks,

Carole :D

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Re: Information from Canada?
« Reply #4 on: Wednesday 30 March 05 20:49 BST (UK) »
Any birth/marriage/death certificates from Canada are generally available from Vital Statistics Dept. for each province, not a federal resource for these I don't think.  Also difficult for Catholics in Quebec and Manitoba mostly, baptism certs.  were considered sufficient so birth certs. difficult to find for these folks.  Even my 1st husband born 1943 has never been able to get a birth cert. from Manitoba.
Janine :)
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