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** Using this Board / Please Read Before Posting
« on: Sunday 21 November 10 11:01 GMT (UK) »
Link Categories and Topics

To help you find useful links more easily, and to avoid duplications of links, I am sorting links into categories, whereby each category will have it's own topic.

Links will be (gradually) transferred to the relevant topics, and the original link topic will be deleted.
(You may receive a "deleted" notification e-mail if you have contributed to the original topics)

Adding a new Link:

First of all, please search the "Cheshire Resources" board to ensure that this link hasn't already been submitted.

Useful links are ..... useful - That's why we pass them on for others - but please let us know WHY they are useful.

It is not possible to add replies on this board, so if you have a link which you wish to share with us, then create a new topic on this board, describing the site and why you think it is worth sharing.

The contents of your topic will then be edited into to the relevant category topic and your original posting will be deleted.  (This may result in you receiving a "deleted" notification e-mail)



PS:  this is a "work in progress".
Census information is Crown Copyright, from

CHS: Barber(Tabley) Barlow(Antrobus) Blackshaw(Lymm, Mobberley) Blease/Done/Moore(G Bud) Owen(Netherton, Tabley) Spragg/Witter(Goostrey) Youd(Frodsham) Pennell Bankes Birchall Beckett
DBY: Higginbottom(Mellor)
HRT: Gurney
HRT/BED/ESS: Verney (Markyate St)
LAN: Davenport(Bolton) Schofield/Gurney(Oldham) Lord(Heap) Quinn(Manchester) Sutcliffe(Rossendale)
NTH: Tubb/Johnson(Hellidon)Brown(Kettering)
YKS: Scott(Clapham)