Author Topic: STEPHEN family late 1700's Stonehaven  (Read 6803 times)

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Re: STEPHEN family late 1700's Stonehaven
« Reply #9 on: Saturday 02 June 18 07:05 BST (UK) »
Hi all,
I did an Ancestry DNA test 3 years ago and JasStephen is not coming up in my list of names.
I also have my DNA uploaded to Gedmatch (kit A768059) and Genesis (kit WC7789075) as well as MyHeritage and Familytree DNA and Living DNA.
My tree is visible on Ancestry and my user name is DStephen52. If you have a look you may see something that I am not seeing that could link us together.

David Stephen

Stephen - Kincardineshire, Scott - Angus and Kincardineshir, Gove - Kincardineshire, Young - Perthshire, Whyte - Angus, Darge - West Lothian, Ramsay - Angus, Binnie -West Lothian, Anderson - Kincardineshire, Adams - Kincardineshire.

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Re: STEPHEN family late 1700's Stonehaven
« Reply #10 on: Saturday 13 April 19 23:01 BST (UK) »
A cousin recently passed away in Arbroath. When I went to update my family tree I noticed that
I had not entered any information for his wife who was A STEPHEN before her marriage.

So I have recently worked on this line and discovered that the GOVES and STEPHENS are married into each others lines.  I have a GOVE married into my BEATTIE line  that is
Andrew GOVE d 1931 William St, Gourdon and his wife d 1875 The Grange, Kinneff.

The STEPHEN  line starts with the marriage in 1894 Catterline of James Lees STEPHEN and Catherine Douglas GOVE.  In 1861 her father James Douglas GOVE married Mary Ann STEPEN in Catterline.

I am interested in working on trying to sort out the various lines.
  I also see that Catherine D GOVE's brother James married  Susan GOVE in 1892  at #5 Catterline.   I also saw that May GOVE daughter of James GOVE & Catherine Douglas married William STEPHEN in 1867 at Catterline.
she brought a daughter with her to the marriage born in Benholm.

Seems like my cousin is related to all these people through marriage.. Some of this info is also on the Facebook group called Kincardineshire.
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Duff,and in the States/Canada: Kidder,Duff, Blake,Robertson,Kerr.

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Re: STEPHEN family late 1700's Stonehaven
« Reply #11 on: Monday 26 August 19 20:32 BST (UK) »
Hello, I haven't been on here for a while, but as I have worked my way back around to looking at the Catterline Stephens, I thought I would read the posts again. David Stephen.... your outline of your Stephen lines has been helpful. One thing though, I got the death record for William Stephen at number 14 (the address of the Inn), and his parents are William Stephen and Margaret Craig. (what was it about the Stephen men, that the Craig women found so irresistible?) I am still trying to work out how he may have been related to my Stephens. My great, great grandfather James McBay and his wife Fanny Stephens took over the license for selling spirits at number 14, when William's daughter Elizabeth McRae would have been too old to continue. Heather
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Re: STEPHEN family late 1700's Stonehaven
« Reply #12 on: Thursday 13 August 20 10:39 BST (UK) »
Sorry I can't give you information on this John Stephen, but thought I'd come in on the conversation because my search is similar and we might be looking for the same person. Our branch of the Stephens are descended from a William Stephen whose baptism was registered in Fetteresso in 1798. His father's name was John, but unfortunately no mother's name was given. I do have his exact baptism date, though - July 14, 1798. Please let me know if this William was the son of the John Stephen you are seeking.