Author Topic: 1930s US death certificates  (Read 1081 times)

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1930s US death certificates
« on: Wednesday 31 October 12 00:10 GMT (UK) »
It may seem an obvious question, but Please could someone give me an idea what is on a 1930s death certificate, namely California?

Are they a bit different from state to state?  I read somewhere it may have where the person was buried?  I am hoping that the address might help identify a possible cemetery site!  But after looking up LA cemeteries i think i will have my work cutout!!

I am awaiting the arrival of one from LA County in 1933 - being sent to a friend in DC before he can email it to me in UK (saves overseas charges!)  but the storm has delayed things -  How long does it usually take mail to travel from coast to coast?! 

 Though  I know its been despatched from LA early last week, I have to be patient now, my thoughts and prayers are for  the disaster relief first and foremost.

thanks for any hints and tips!
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Re: 1930s US death certificates
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 31 October 12 01:04 GMT (UK) »
Looking at an image from a 1937 death certificate, there is a place for:
burial, cremation or removal________

However, looking at this image, it appears that the funeral director's information is placed on the "place" line, not the cemetery.

Other items on a 1937 form (which might be different than a 1933 form) include:
the full name of the individual
single, married, widowed or divorced
if married, widowed or divorced, name of husband or wife
date of birth
age at passing
father's and mother's names, birthplace
legal residence
informant signature
cause of death

Of course, the form may not be filled out completely if the informant didn't know the answers.  It could also be filled out incorrectly.

I would imagine mail from California to the U.S. East Coast should only take one to three days.  I've not paid close attention lately, but I believe it takes about one week to receive mail from England (arriving in California).  However, it could take a little longer than that.

Sending positive thoughts for your friend.
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Re: 1930s US death certificates
« Reply #2 on: Thursday 01 November 12 13:15 GMT (UK) »
Have recently recieved a California, Los Angeles, 1912 death certificate.  All of the information provided is as stated by Lisa. I was fortunate that the mothers maiden name was shown which confirmed my assumption that I was following the correct line.  The "place of burial or removal" was shown as Santa Monica, which designated the Woodlawn cemetery, although I have not found the actual plot as yet.

Unfortunately no undertakers name was shown on the certificate so I could not try and find possible burial plot through old undertakers records.

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