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1911 Canadian Census update
« on: Tuesday 28 June 05 18:10 BST (UK) »
Hi all,

for anyone who has been waiting for the 1911 Canadian Census to be released good news - here is a copy of an email from Gordon Watts who, amoung many others, has worked for years to have this census made available.

When it is made available I will pass the information along - there may be some of you who would be able to assist with transcribing the digitized online pages into a searchable index that would benefit all.



Greetings All.

At 8:10 AM PDT this morning I received a telephone call from the
Honourable Senator Lorna Milne.

She advised me that at 8:00 AM PDT MP Dominic LeBlanc, Deputy Government
Whip, rose and stated words to the effect that "If the Speaker would
seek it, I believe he would have the unanimous consent of the House to
deem Bill S-18 -- An Act to amend the Statistics Act, to have passed
Third Reading" (not necessarily an exact quote).  That consent was

Bill S-18 has now passed all necessary stages in both the Senate and the
House of Commons and all that remains to be done to make it law is for
it to receive Royal Assent.  It is expected that assent will be received

There will be, I am sure, a great deal of cheering and celebrating when
that happens.  It is believed that the Library and Archives of Canada
has already scanned images of the 1911 National Census of Canada and
they should be available on line almost immediately.

We should now be able to spend our Summer researching the 1911 records
instead of continuing the fight to see them released.

Genealogists and historian owe a GREAT debt of thanks to the
perserverance and dedication of the Hon. Senator Lorna Milne, without
whose support over the past several years, we would not have achieved
this victory.

Those wishing to express their thanks to Senator Milne can do so through
her Policy Advisor, Jeff Paul at

email address removed to avoid spam

On behalf of Muriel and myself, and all members of the Canada Census
Committee, I wish to express our thanks to all who have written letters
and email, signed petitions, called their Parliamentary representatives,
and generally supported our efforts to regain the public access to
Historic Census records we beleived we were always entitled to.  I
expect that Muriel will likely be forwarding her own message of
appreciation as well.

We look forward to hearing some of the stories of success in researching
the 1911 Census records.

Happy Hunting.

Gordon A. Watts 
Co-chair Canada Census Committee
Port Coquitlam, BC
en francais

Permission to forward without notice is granted
Source: Library and Archives Canada's website (

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Re: 1911 Canadian Census update
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 29 June 05 23:53 BST (UK) »
Hi Thelma,

Thanks so much for posting that.  I hope it really happens, it will be so exciting. 

Oh, the people I will be able to track will open so much more information for me and I'm sure lots of other people.


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Re: 1911 Canadian Census update
« Reply #2 on: Friday 01 July 05 23:30 BST (UK) »
This sounds very positive.  Thanks for keeping us posted & let's keep our fingers crossed.
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