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Lincolnshire / Sir Isaac Newton
« on: Saturday 24 September 11 09:39 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone know the whereabouts of a copy of Sir Isaac Newton's Will please. I did have a copy that faded badly. I would like another one now that I more information than I did. Can any kind person help please.


Worcestershire Completed Look up Requests / Maund 1891 Census Completed
« on: Monday 15 December 08 01:51 GMT (UK)  »

I wonder if some very kind soul could do a look up for me on the 1891 census please.

He is Augustus George H Maund b 1882 in the Worcestger registration district. I am interested in who he is living with as well please.

If I am not asking too much can someone look up the 1901 Census as well please.

This could answer a complete mystery.

My very grateful thanks


Worcestershire / Hardy/Maund
« on: Saturday 13 December 08 00:15 GMT (UK)  »

Elizabeth Mary Cox Hardy married James Arton Maund on 28 December 1880 in The Chapel of Whittington, Worcester.

In the 1881 census James is with his parents and widowed brother in Worcester. Elizabeth is with her employer Dr Walsh  also in Worcester. She has her maiden name of Hardy in the census, perhaps her employer forgot.

Elizabeth was born in Bockhampton, Dorset in 1846

James was born in 1841 in Worcester. He is possibly the James Maund who died in Worcester in 1888.

I cannot find either of them after that. They do not appear in the 1891 or the 1901 census, this is why I am presuming James is the one who died in 1888. However I cannot find Elizabeth either.

Needless to say I have tried every possible variation of Elizabeth and Mary I can think of and also Maund and Hardy.

She could have remarried. I have tried possible Elizabeth Maund's and Hardy's and inserted the new name in the census, but to no avail.

There are several Elizabeth Maund's who died, but no Elizabeth Mary or Elizabeth Mary Cox Maund.

Elizabeth is my husband's great grandmother so I would like to find what happened to her. I have been trying for several years now with no result. If anybody could help me I would be very grateful

My thanks


Dorset / Portland Prison Medical Officers 1869/70
« on: Thursday 11 December 08 10:54 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone tell me please the name of the Medical Officers at Portland Prison in 1869/70 please?

I know that there was a William Haughton who was Medical Officer and a Mr Lowdell was Assistant Surgeon both in 1865.
A Dr Edgar Shaw Blaker was Medical Officer in 1871.

Does anyone know the changeover date please? Or was there someone else between 1865 and 1871?

Thank you

Nottinghamshire Lookup Requests / Freestone/Peabody 1871 census
« on: Tuesday 22 May 07 04:27 BST (UK)  »
James Freestone b in Leicester in about 1803 appears in the 1881 census in his son in law, Louis Peabody's family in Heanor, Derbyshire.
His daughter Mary Jane, wife of Louis, b 1855 in Ruddington, Nottingham and
William Freestone, Mary's brother, aged 19, also born in Ruddington are also there. Both father and son are framework knitters.
I have the families in the 1891 census still in Heanor.

Could anyone please look them up in the 1871 census when they would have been in Ruddington. Louis and Mary's eldest child was born there in 1873.

James appears quite old to be the father of Mary and William, perhaps a second family, but he could almost be a grandfather!! The 1891 repeats the father relationship however.

In the 1871 they may have been separate families of course, with James perhaps having lost his wife in the meantime and later living with his daughter.

I do not know the name of James wife, or of any other children there might have been, althougn I do have more details of James parents and siblings!

My grateful thanks for any help

Best wishes


Lincolnshire / Benjamin SMITH and his family half brother of Sir Isaac NEWTON
« on: Monday 11 September 06 08:07 BST (UK)  »
Hello all

In the dim and distant past when the world was young my mother told me that we were related to the brother of Sir Isaac Newton. She and her mother had researched it and it was true.

I knew that her mother was a Newton, but I was adult before I realised that Isaac was his father's only child, however he did have a half brother Benjamin Smith, son of Rev Barnaby Smith and Isaac's mother Hannah Ayscough.

The genealogy bug is apparently inherited and I have quite a bit of information on all my lines. Now I am wondering about this old legend, is it true.....

Can anyone help me with Benjamin's descendants please. I am really curious to see if there is a name that connects. At the moment I have no Smiths on that line so it will be a female connection, if there is one.



Warwickshire Lookup Requests / Richardson Coventry 1861 census
« on: Friday 19 May 06 04:06 BST (UK)  »
Hello all

I wonder if someone could look up the 1861 census please for the Richardson family who were living in Harnal Lane Coventry at the time of my grandfather, Joseph's, birth in 1859. They are Henry Richardson and his wife Ann plus family. As Ann was living in Harnal Lane when they married in 1846 it is likely they lived there a long time.

It is even possible that her family is still in Harnal Lane. her father was William Thacker. Henry's father was John Richardson and he lived at Town Wall in 1846.

My grateful thanks for any information please.

Best wishes to all Rootschatters


Warwickshire Lookup Requests / 1871 census - Wadsworth/Hodiern
« on: Saturday 08 October 05 03:00 BST (UK)  »
Hi all

I am wondering if some kind soul has access to the 1871 census of Coventry please. What I am asking is a little difficult perhaps, so if it is please do not follow through, I would not like to put someone to a great deal of trouble.

My great grandparents Harvey Hodiern and Ann Maria Eburne were married in 1859 and had a child Sarah Jane the same year, and possibly Emily a couple of years later. Harvey died in 1863 in Cox Street, Coventry.

Ann Maria married again in 1867, William Wadsworth, a widower who also had a small child, Edward. They went on to have quite a large family. William and Emma Rebecca would be the two little ones on the 1871 census.

Both Ann Maria Hodiern and William Wadsworth give Cox Street as their address when they married. I do not know where they were in Coventry in 1871. They were definitely in Coventry as all the children but the last one in 1881 were born there. They moved to Leicester in 1880.

William describes himself as a stay maker on his marriage certificate, but is later a paste board maker.

My grateful thanks

Dorset / Breach of Promise
« on: Wednesday 27 July 05 05:32 BST (UK)  »
My great grandmother in law, Elizabeth Mary Cox Hardy had a baby in March 1868 in Grove, Portland, Dorset. The father was a doctor in Dorset - probably in the same area, but not sure.

The first family legend says that the father intended to marry her and that there was a breach of promise case.

The second says she was a nanny for the doctor's family and he seduced her.

As a breach of promise case with a doctor would have created a lot of interest and would have made the local papers - does anyone know how I can find out please? (I live in Australia!)

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