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If you are having problems registering or logging in to the forum, or need to contact us
you can use the Contact Support Team-Button at the foot of the "HOME"-Page to contact our Support Team.

RootsChat is an easy to use messaging forum for everyone researching their family history. We aim to keep this service free, and hope that the genealogy community as a whole will benefit from it.

Over the years Rootschat has grown and now has thousands of members from all over the world. This is a multi-ethnic, multi-language, multi-time zone forum, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is moderated by volunteers who give their time freely to ensure it is a safe and happy place.

It has also become a more diverse forum allowing topics to be posted on many subjects, even those that are considered to be off-topic postings with little or no relevance to genealogy.

There are certain conventions on all forums and this one is no different.

It is hoped that our members are courteous and polite to each other, making allowances for:

  • those that do not speak English as their first language,
  • those who have to overcome severe difficulties in their day-to-day-lives
  • those who are new to genealogy and don't know the "obvious".
  • those who are new to computing and are not as computer-literate as others with regards to technical jargon and conventions. There are many Rootschatters who have been grateful for the technical help and advice that is freely given.

Please remember that it is difficult having an on-line conversation when you cannot see the other person's face and their reactions to written comments. Sometimes an apparently innocent comment can be lost in translation and completely misconstrued.

The moderators assume people understand, amongst other things, Netiquette (not using CAPITALS as it is considered to be SHOUTING, etc.)

The owners of Rootschat rely on the moderators and members to ensure that the few rules we do have on this site are monitored.

There are well documented copyright rules on the boards as there are serious far-reaching consequences if this is breached.

There are 'living people' rules so that members cannot be contacted by the unscrupulous. Many sites have '100 year rules', be grateful this one is a little more relaxed.

There are personal data rules so that members are protected from spam and other abuse.

Finally, the owners and moderators of Rootschat cannot and will not tolerate any forms of abuse. Written abuse and cyber-bullying are not welcome on this site and will be dealt with immediately it is seen or reported. Topics of a controversial nature will be edited, temporarily quarantined or permanently removed if that is a more appropriate measure. There is also the final measure of removing a member from the forum for serious mis-conduct.

But, at the end of all this, we wish you good luck and hope you are successful in tracing your family histories.

If this is your first time on a messaging forum (or 'bulletin board'), then please click on the item that you want to learn more of on the left. You will notice that these help pages can be viewed at the same time as looking at RootsChat, so if you're unsure about anything then you can have both pages up side-by-side.

See also Guidelines for Posting and Getting the best results

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Unfortunately, there is no standard "naming convention".

When talking about their input on RootsChat:

- Some people say message, meaning Personal Message/PM
- Some people say message, meaning Reply to topic

- Some people say e-mail meaning Personal Message/PM
- Some people say e-mail meaning Reply to Topic

- Some people say posting, meaning Reply to topic

- Some people refer to the RootsChat members as members
- Some people refer to the RootsChat members as Listers (as in Mailing-Lists)
- most people refer to the RootsChat members as Chatters or RootsChatters

and despite the differences,
- Some people even refer to RootsChat as Rootsweb (hopefully just a typo )