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To search RootsChat, click the "Search RootsChat" option in the forum menu:
Forum Navigations Buttons - Search

You will see the following input form:

Search mask

Search for:
Enter your search term in this box and click on to search the whole of RootsChat.

The search-engine uses a simple 'search exact or within a word' algorithm.
This means, for example, that a search for the surname Orr will also find Norris, Morrisson, and any other word containing orr. Trying to change the search algorithm causes too much overhead, (the system then runs far too slowly), so we have to accept this limitation and look for ways of limiting the search

[x] Check all The default setting is that all boards will be searched, so a good way to limit the search is to go to the bottom of the page and uncheck this box. Then just check those boards where you wish to search.

by user: If you are searching for postings from a particular RootsChatter, then enter the RootsChatter's forum name in this input box.

Click here to start your search.

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Other possibilities for searching RootsChat:
One possibility is to use an external search-engine.

Simply include in your search string
(this is for Google, it may be slightly different for other search-engines).
e.g. orr just brings up results from RootsChat with the name ORR

This also means that you can use the usual search-engine rules in your searches,
and it is much, much faster than the internal RootsChat search.

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We have also been gathering some RootsChat data in various lists and catalogues in the

The RootsChat Reference Library

So try here if you if you are searching for ...

... Definitions, descriptions, acronyms, etc.
RootsChat Reference Library => Lexicon

... RootsChat Topics about [...]
RootsChat Reference Library => Topic Catalogues

... When did [...] happen ?
RootsChat Reference Library => Time Lines

... Useful Links
RootsChat Reference Library => Useful Links

Many Rootschatters have been adding their surname interests to the Rootschat Surname Interests Table (SIT) so you may find others searching for your names, by looking directly in this table:

Searching for "SURNAME" ? then try the   RootsChat Surname Interests Table