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Personlised Picture:
Choosing an avatar for your forum profile:
  O No avatar Avatars are not compulsory.

  O Choose avatar from gallery You can choose an coat of arms from a list.

  O Specify avatar by URL Not recommended: if an external website is slow or offline, this will affect RoootsChat.

  O Upload an avatar You may select a picture from your computer. An avatar may not exceed 150x150 pixels
or be larger than 20 KB.

The only living persons allowed in avatars are the members themselves. Some proud parents and grandparents have included a child's picture. We will make an exception for this, for now. We leave it to your discretion, to remove it when the child grows older.

Personal text:

This will be shown beneath your avatar.


Your date of birth is entirely optional, but is often of interest to others. Who knows, but RootsChat might even display special items on your birthday.


Members may include as much or as little detail here, as they wish. The country of residence is often useful, for others to know whether or not to recommend visits to particular archives and Registry Offices. The county / region, or even a town or city, may be helpful, but as many members wish to ensure their anonymity, the decision whether or not to enter these details is entirely voluntary.


You get two choices, naturally (Male or Female). This is an optional field to provide other users with your gender.


If you wish, you can enter your relevant details here and link-icons will be shown in your postings.

Signatures are displayed at the bottom of each post or personal message. BBCode and smileys may be used in your signature.

Enter the surnames that you are researching dividing each name with a comma and space, or just with a space.
Example: Bates, Bell, Robinson, Roberts, Goodwin, Davies, Jones, Williams, Wagstaffe

Your signature can be up to 500 characters long. Images in signatures are not recommended, as the total size of the signature (text + image) must be within 500 characters.

Website title:
This must be included if you specify a website address below.

If you have a family history website, then a link-icon can be shown in your postings.

Website URL:

And of course ......
Don't forget to click on this button when you have finished making any changes !